Is Kid Cudi Gay? What Does He Say About His S*xuality?

Every time the Ohio native has worn a dress, Kid Cudi has prompted gay accusations, and on November 10 when the 2021 CFDA Awards were hosted in New York City, the same thing happened. The “A Man on the Moon” hitmaker made a public appearance while dressed in a wedding gown, complete with a veil and white sneakers, which quickly went viral online.

When Kid Cudi showed up at the awards event, everyone was taken aback. The hip-hop musician, who is 37, has attempted to close the gender divide before using clothing as a means of expression. Cudi has, however, consistently faced harsh criticism for his propensity for taking chances. The same thing occurred when Cudi arrived on the red carpet wearing a dress with bridal-inspired details. Most social media users made fun of the award-winning artist’s attire and labeled him as gay.

Is Kid Cudi Gay?

Kid Cudi wore a complete lace catsuit underneath a matching knee-length skirt, a sleek white blazer, and other wedding-inspired accessories. The rapper chose a pair of stylish white shoes over high heels. He added a lovely veil to finish the outfit. According to People magazine, Eli Russell Linnetz, who is up for the American Emerging Designer of the Year award at the CFDA this year, said how he came up with the outfit:

“I simply out of the blue sent him a text with a wedding dress and I was like, “Will you be my bride?” When discussing the subject, Cudi said to People, “I trust this man so I was down to take it anywhere his mind went.” He added a gorgeous pendant necklace as an accessory to elevate the bridal-inspired ensemble.

Is Kid Cudi Gay
Is Kid Cudi Gay

When Kid Cudi appeared on “SNL” in a floral outfit to pay homage to Kurt Cobain in April 2021, there were initial reports that he was gay. He said, “The thought of seeing Kurt Cobain in a dress was really rock’n’roll to me,” on HBO Max’s “The Shop: Uninterrupted.” That was awesome. Therefore, I’ve known for years that I want to accomplish this.

And it’s cool because I’m encouraging the kids to be themselves and follow their passions while also instilling confidence in them. “I’ve never been someone who’s like worrying about the repercussions,” he continued. I couldn’t care less what people think. When you’re doing this s**t, you can’t. I was aware that it would enrage some people, but I adore that. because s**t is so crazy in hip-hop.

Similar to this, when Lil Nas X claimed that other Black male rappers were not interested in working with him, the rapper recently offered his support.

In September 2021, Cudi expressed his desire to work with Lil Nas X to dispel the “homophobic shadow over hip-hop.” Since he had been made fun of for his painted nails a few months back, Cudi had also temporarily canceled his Instagram account. When he chose to attend the New York Fashion Meet in September 2021 wearing a long black skirt, he once more made the news.

Kid Cudi Is Obviously Gay, But He Doesn’t Know How To Come Out.

You are healing from 2020 global pranks, and here comes Kid Cudi in a wedding dress again, a commenter mocking Kid Cudi’s attire said. Someone else said, “Kid Cudi’s cocaine has fentanyl in it. My son has started doing strange stuff. Kid Cudi is “falling apart as a person” according to one source, “yet I still separate the art from those wild tantrums for attention.”

He’s trying too hard now, bro. said the person after him. I’m all for guys dressing however they want to express themselves, but this is awful. He looks like he hasn’t slept in a week thanks to everything, including his makeup and the clothing itself. This appears to be trash.

He clearly doesn’t appear to be pleased to be wearing that, one person remarked. He is merely a puppet. “Nah kid Cudi in a wedding dress is the wildest s**t Iv seen this year,” one person said. “That raggedy a** dress if u going to do something do it correctly,” one person commented. IDGAF what anyone thinks (and I’m sure the feelings are mutual), Kid Cudi is certainly gay, one person said. “Got no problem with gay people, but child Cudi homose*ual if he just doesn’t know how to come out,” one user tweeted. Another person then added, “Kid Cudi Gay? Man, nobody anticipated that.

Who Is Kid Cudi Dating?

Kid Cudi is a very private person who hardly ever discusses the specifics of his romantic or family relationships. The acclaimed hip-hop musician rarely uses social media and frequently posts and deletes content. There are no specifics regarding Cudi’s current girlfriend available on his social media accounts, however, she was recently supposed to be costume designer Raquel Diane.

In a photo that Kid Cudi posted in September 2020, he is seen sitting on Raquel’s lap and smiling broadly for the camera as he poses with his supposed lover. Cudi had wished the woman a happy birthday and wrote, “Ahhh!! Happy birthday to the wonderful and stunning Rocky! I adore you so much and wish you the most wonderful day ever! You deserve all of our affection! On his album “Man on the Moon III: The Chosen,” the rapper allegedly also included a song with a dedication to her.

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