Laura Coates Pregnant: Who Is Her Husband And Children?

Laura Coates is a CNN American Legal Analyst, a law professor, and a SiriusXM radio broadcaster. She also gives talks in which she discusses topics such as economic empowerment, justice, and other social challenges. It’s no secret that her star is on the rise at CNN, where she is widely regarded as one of the network’s most gifted analysts right now.

Laura Coates Early Life

On July 11, 1980, in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA, Laura Gayle Coates entered the world. She has been relatively tight-lipped about her origins beyond the fact that she was born into an African-American family. She is a devout Christian and nobody has ever heard of a sister named Tracey Coates in her family.

Laura Coates Pregnant
Laura Coates Pregnant

Since she was a young girl, Laura has longed to play hockey. In her hometown, Laura attended and graduated from high school. She attended Princeton University, majoring in public and international affairs for her undergraduate degree. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in 2001, Laura enrolled in the University of Minnesota Law School to earn her Juris Doctorate. In 2005, she graduated with a Juris Doctor degree.

Laura Coates Career

After graduating from law school in Minnesota, Laura began her legal career as an associate at Faegre & Benson LLP. She stayed there for a while before accepting a position as an associate at Kaskowitz, Benson, Torres &Friedman LLP.

She was only with the company for a short time, though, before going out on her own to become a federal prosecutor for the US Department of Justice. As a civil rights trial attorney, her specialty was the protection of citizens’ right to vote.

She eventually rose through the ranks to become the Assistant US Attorney in Columbia. She takes on cases involving anything from drug trafficking to sexual assault to domestic violence to child abuse. She is currently a senior legal analyst at CNN, where she joined the network in 2016.

For many years, she has been an integral part of CNN’s staff, and in 2017, she also began hosting a radio show on SiriusXM. The Laura Coates Show, which she hosts, was previously broadcast on SiriusXM Urban view and will continue to do so until 2021.

In her roles as both writer and public speaker, she has addressed themes of social and economic empowerment and the law. Her articles have appeared in The Washington Post, The Boston Herald, and other prestigious newspapers and magazines.

Laura Coates Pregnant
Laura Coates Pregnant

Author of “You have the right: A constitutional guide to policing the police,” which was published in 2016. Coates has recently joined the faculty of the George Washington University School of Law in the role of adjunct professor. She abandoned a career in law in favor of doing what brings her joy: establishing herself as a respected journalist.

Laura Coates Personal Life

It is now known that Laura Coates is married to her spouse, however, the identity of her husband has not been disclosed. In addition, she is a mother to two children, and she presently resides in the state of Washington with her family.

It is common knowledge that her daughter Sydney went through a lot since she struggled to embrace the hue of her skin. Laura possesses a high level of athleticism and excels at the game of Golf. She is also very passionate about hockey, and she and her family frequently attend games together.

On Instagram, Laura has a following that is now at 69.1K, while on her Facebook page, she has a following that is currently at 26K. In addition, it is well known that she has been active on Twitter since 2015, where she presently has 135.7 thousand followers.

Laura Coates Pregnant
Laura Coates Pregnant

Is Laura Coates Pregnant?

In a recent video, viewers noticed changes in the appearance of her body. In the year 2022, however, Laura did not disclose any information about her new pregnancy. We are unable to draw any conclusions on her pregnancy unless and until she confirms or denies rumors that she is expecting.

Laura Coates and her husband, Dale Gordon, are the parents of two children, and Laura frequently shares images of her children on various social media platforms. However, she has not revealed their appearances in any of the photographs. They are either turning their backs to the camera or hugging her at this very moment.

Coates is the proud parent of a beautiful daughter as well as a handsome boy. In addition to that, she is enjoying every minute of being a mother and bringing up her children. However, fans are anxiously awaiting news in 2022 regarding Laura’s potential pregnancy. She has been keeping her pregnancy a closely guarded secret up until this point.

Who Is Laura Coates Husband And Children?

Dale Gordon, Laura Coates‘ husband, and the couple have two wonderful children together. She has kept his identity hidden from the public, including the media and his fans. The fact that she made such a good choice explains why her lover is without a doubt charming, loving, and caring.

Laura Coates Pregnant
Laura Coates Pregnant

In both her tweets and the captions that accompany them, Coates frequently refers to her partner. On the other hand, she does not tag him, and she is not shown in even a single image together with him. Washington, District of Columbia is home to a family that consists of the husband, wife, and two children.

Laura Coates Net Worth

According to the website Wealthy Persons, Laura Coates has a net worth of one million dollars. In the realm of journalism, Laura Coates has had a variety of interesting careers, including those in research, radio broadcasting, as a presenter, and as an author. Her most recognized performance was on The Laura Coates Show.

Following the completion of her undergraduate degree at Princeton University, she attended the University of Minnesota Law School to acquire her Juris Doctor degree. The J.D. graduate from 2005 has been employed by CNN as a legal expert since the year 2016.

On the 18th of January, 2022, the author of “Just Pursuit: A Black Prosecutor’s Fight for Brightness,” a lady who possesses a strong point of view and a broad vision, will release her book.


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