Is Bob Vila Still Alive? What Happened to Him From This Old House?

Is Bob Vila Still Alive? A home improvement contractor, devoted much of his life to assisting others. In the realm of do-it-yourself home improvement, few people can match his impressive level of experience. This led to the creation of a television program, titled “This Old House.” Bob would spend the next three decades hosting shows about fixing up and remodeling homes. The age of Bob Bila.

Vila even went so far as to join the Peace Corps and help build homes for Panamanians in need. Is it safe to assume that Bob Vila has not yet passed away? Find out about his current health and wealth situation here.

Bob Vila Early Life

Bob Vila, who is currently 75 years old, was born on June 20, 1946, in Miami, Florida. We discovered that Bob has Cuban ancestors by researching his ancestry. Vila’s interest in architecture and building stems directly from his father, who, astonishingly, built their family home from scratch. They used to take on several home improvement projects together when he was a young boy. Bob attended Miami Jackson High and the University of Florida for his education.

And Vila is also a proud humanitarian. He volunteers with groups that build affordable housing for New York’s underprivileged, such as Habitat for Humanity. On top of all this, he was involved with the National Alliance to End Homelessness. Bob is a married man, too. In 1975, he married Diana Barett, a humanitarian like himself. They have three children as a couple.

Is Bob Vila Still Alive?

In case you were wondering, Bob Vila, is very much still with us. For one, his website, which is still up and running as of the year 2021, features advice on home improvements. If that’s not enough, he also has a verified Twitter account where he has been posting content as recently as a few hours ago. Bob continues to use Twitter several times daily.

There are also no reliable reports online that even remotely suggest that he has passed away. The information you find may be completely false and should be disregarded. If that’s the case, then where do these rumors come from? So, Vila used to run a channel on YouTube, but he stopped doing that a long time ago. It’s been around three years since he last uploaded a video. There were speculations about his whereabouts after he stopped appearing on the stage.

What Happened to Bob Vila From This Old House?

From 1979 to 1989, Robert was a regular on This Old House. After arguing with producer Russell Morash about Vila’s product endorsements, he decided to leave. Steve Thomas has taken over in his place. Despite this, Vila has no regrets about leaving the show. Instead, he rebooted both his persona and his production company to mirror his on-screen persona and actions.

Is Bob Vila Still Alive?
Is Bob Vila Still Alive?

Then, after all, that, what does Bob Vila do? Robert no longer hosts a TV show. He has been the head of his city’s architectural board since 2018 and is currently serving as chairman. He also represented the organization on a national level as its official spokesperson for pest control. He’s kept to himself these days. Therefore, very little is known about his whereabouts at this time.

Why is Bob Vila From “This Old House” Limping?

To the best of our knowledge, Bob Vila is in generally good health. Yet, he is getting older, and that fact cannot be denied. Our muscles and bones weaken and become more brittle as we age. We slack off by a yard in terms of speed and lose some strength as well. This makes even the most basic of activities, like going for a walk, a chore.

In case we forget, a large portion of Bob’s job description included physical labor. This deteriorated his body over time, which is why he started limping. No cause for alarm, though; Bob is in fine shape. He is currently enjoying his retirement.

Bob Vila Net Worth

As a 75-year-old television veteran, Vila has contributed to shows like This Old House, Restore America and Bob Vila’s Home Again. Amazingly, when Bob first started on television, he only made $200 for each episode in which he appeared. This number increased to $800 as he gained fame. Over his first decade on the show, Bob appeared in more than 235 episodes, earning the production company around $180,000. Eventually, after he had gained experience, his salary would rise dramatically.

His final years on This Old House reportedly netted him around $500,000, as was widely reported at the time. Vila had been building his design and construction firm for a long time before he was asked to appear on television. Bob had accumulated enough knowledge throughout his career to fill ten books.

One of his earliest projects was titled Vila’s Guide to Purchasing Your Dream House. It can still be purchased from Amazon for around $7. An estimated $25 million is Bob Vila’s fortune as of the year 2022.

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