Tips for Starting a Celebrity-Backed Brand

Michael Jordan partnered with Nike in 1984 and skyrocketed in sales, and his endorsement deals are not likely to end soon. A celebrity-backed brand is one endorsed by a celebrity. When stars back brands, they drive sales and boost company growth. But how do you get a superstar to back your brand or support its cause? Here are some tips for starting a celebrity-backed brand.

Reach Out to Agencies

Think you can walk up to The Rock in the streets of Los Angeles and say, “Hey man, I have this great idea to create a coffee brand that’s going to blow minds away. Do you want to partner with me?” That will never happen. Celebrities are not accessible like ordinary people, they have busy schedules and like to keep their personal lives private.

So, how do you share your excellent business idea with a star? The best way to get in touch with them is through their agency. Find the agencies that connect aspiring entrepreneurs with stars and contact them.

Table a Practical Pitch

Celebrities have values they can’t go against and causes they want to be associated with. Before you contact a star, make sure your product is something they are passionate about and stand for. This is where your pitch comes in. You must first convince the agency why the superstar they represent will be interested in your brand. Additionally, make sure your idea is scalable. A celebrity may be passionate about your business idea, but no one wants to invest their time and energy where there are no returns.

Choose the Perfect Celebrity

When choosing the celebrity to back your brand, consider their suitability. Consumers can easily notice when a star is dispassionate about something and will not be convinced to buy. For instance, Fabletics, a sportswear brand, collaborates with physically-fit celebrities like Kelly Rowland and Kate Hudson.

They embody a fit lifestyle and people shopping for workout gear look up to them. Similarly, if you want to start a company selling the most reliable pick up trucks, partner with a celebrity who loves driving trucks, such as Shaquille O’Neal.

Collaborate with a Business Incubator

A business incubator helps you to actualize your startup idea, create the startup, and plan how it will grow. It is a special program where entrepreneurs get advice, a working space, and a platform to network with investors. You may think your startup does not need an incubator because it’s backed by a famous person.

But guess what? Even stars like Kendall Jenner and Drew Barrymore used one to boost their businesses. Find business incubators that align with your sector, send your application, and learn how to build a successful brand.

Starting a celebrity-backed brand is not easy. To be successful, you need to have a great pitch, reach out to celebrity agencies, choose the best person for the job, and collaborate with a business incubator. Get a celebrity who makes advertisements believable and enhances consumer recognition of your brand. It will be worth it.

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