Brittany Aldean Had Plastic Surgery? Controversial Romance With Jason Aldean

Jason Aldean is a country music superstar noted for songs such as Big Green Tractor (2009), Take a Little Ride (2012) and My Kinda Party. He is adored by millions of fans worldwide and ranks alongside other famous country performers such as Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line.

Despite his down-home appearance Aldean’s personal life has been controversial. The musician is now blissfully married to his second wife Brittany Aldean but their romance began exceedingly murky according to many.

Brittany Aldean was born Brittany Kerr in 1988 in North Carolina. Despite studying Human Environmental Science in her academic studies she was keener to establish a future for herself in modeling and in 2010 she applied for Victoria’s Secret model hunt. Although she failed to become one of Victoria’s Secret models she left a mark and ended in the top 80.

She subsequently served as a cheerleader and makeup artist simultaneously. Later Brittany Kerr competed in Season 11 of American Idol in 2012 devoted to making it as a singer. Once again the young artist failed to cut and despite the judges’ admiration for her beauty and perseverance she did not progress in the competition.

On a personal front though Brittany Aldean is currently the target of significant online plastic surgery rumors. Does anyone know if she had surgery? We should talk about this.

Brittany Aldean Before and After Plastic Surgery
Brittany Aldean Before and After Plastic Surgery

Reddit users are discussing whether or not Brittany Aldean has had plastic surgery. Brittany Aldean’s fans frequently discuss possible plastic surgery procedures on social media mainly on Reddit. A Reddit user from earlier in the year compared before and after photos of her and commented on how she used to be “gorgeous.”

The before and after photos showing her plastic surgery procedures made the extensive cosmetic changes she’s undergone quite evident. As anticipated the speculations about her operations in the comments section were many.

One user wrote:

“Too much Botox… and was her jaw shaved down? Jeez.”

One user commented on her nose job:

“It may just be the different angle, but probably… I thought it was really just a lot of Botox… but IDK. She went from looking youthful to a plastic-looking 45-year-old. Ew and cheek injections..or implants…?”

We think she reduced the width of her nose’s bridge. She also appears to have had an eyebrow lift as part of her cosmetic enhancements. Several viewers have opined that her shaved-down chin bone and frequent use of injectables have given her an unnatural appearance. To say she looked beautiful during her American Idol audition.

Makeup not plastic surgery, is what some people say really makes a difference to her appearance. We’re not having that however we can agree on the cosmetics part. Meanwhile it’s a given that the Botox and other surgeries she’s undergone will start to age her just like they do the rest of us.

Brittany and Jason Aldean’s Romance Was Controversial

Brittany Aldean (formerly Kerr) initially met Jason Aldean in 2012 while he was already happily married to his wife. Aldean and his ex-wife Jessica Ussery raised two daughters since they wed in 2001. Obviously the 2012 sighting of Aldean kissing Brittany Kerr in a club garnered much attention as Heavy reported. Though Aldean and Kerr expressed regret for their behavior there was more at play than met the eye.

Early in 2013 Jason Aldean and his wife filed for divorce. Keeley and Kendall their daughters were named in the joint statement in which the parents asked for privacy and vowed to work together as best they could to raise their children.


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Almost immediately after submitting his divorce papers Aldean began dating Brittany Kerr. The couple engaged in September 2014 and tied the knot in March 2015. Even though they seemed content together several viewers were offended by the circumstances of their introduction.

Two years after their wedding, Aldean and Kerr shared the news that they were expecting their first child. Their son Memphis Aldean was born in the winter of 2017. The couple became parents to a daughter, Navy Rome in February of 2019.

Brittany Aldean looks to be loving motherhood, as evidenced by her frequent social media posts featuring her two beautiful children. Brittany is free from the obligation to pursue a career as a model or cheerleader. She currently occupies her time by publishing sponsored Instagram advertisements for companies like South Beach and FabFitFun.

She has launched her clothing brand lately making her a businesswoman. Brittany likes to support Jason Aldean in all his musical projects and when he goes on tour she often goes with him in a big tour van with their two kids. Success in recent years has undoubtedly benefited Brittany Aldean. Everything looks to have worked out well as she and Jason Aldean appear to be genuinely in love despite the harsh manner in which their relationship began.

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