How did Elvis Presley’s Mother Gladys Die? What happened to Her?

Elvis Presley passed away 19 years after Gladys Love, his mother, was laid to rest. Gladys’ overzealous protection of Elvis helped to establish Presley and Gladys’ incredibly close relationship. Love decided to passionately guard the child she already had after understanding that her chances of having more children seemed slim. Elvis’s father, Vernon, told author Peter Guralnick that his son didn’t leave the house until he was 17. We three created our own private space.

The loss of the lady she referred to as “my best girl” left Elvis never fully recovered. After hearing the news of Love’s passing, Elvis remarked, “She was everything we lived for. It left me heartbroken. She was my best friend forever.

When Was Gladys Presley Born, And When Did She Give Birth To Elvis?

On April 25, 1912, Gladys Love Smith was conceived. The contrast between her early life and the wealth her son would later give her is impossible to imagine. She was a cotton farmer’s daughter who met Vernon Presley in the 1930s while attending church. Vernon was 17 at the time, underage, and she was four years his senior. To be married in 1933, they gave false information about their ages.

Gladys soon became pregnant, and on January 8, 1935, she delivered birth. However, a tragic event happened during the delivery. Gladys gave birth to twins, but Jesse Garon Presley, the first boy, died during delivery. Elvis Aaron Presley, the second boy, lived. Gladys held the believed twin that survived acquired all the strength of both when one sibling died.”

Gladys And Elvis Were Very Close, Which Would Become Heartbreaking

Perhaps as a residue of Touma losing his twin brother, Gladys always held Elvis near. She reportedly even carried him in a sack while labourinlaboringcotton fields when he was a newborn. Due to their impoverished home, the mother and son shared a bed far into Elvis’s teenage years and frequently spoke to one another in baby speak.

How did Elvis Presley's Mother Gladys Die
How did Elvis Presley’s Mother, Gladys, Die

Gladys and her son became closer when Vernon spent a brief period in jail in 1938 forging a check. Sad to say, Elvis’ stardom sparked Gladys’ downward spiral. Gladys was incredibly proud of her son, but she struggled to deal with his celebrity. Gladys was reportedly advised to cease feeding her hens on the lawn by Elvis’ team after Graceland neighbors allegedly made fun of her for doing her washing outside.

She told a friend, “I wish we were impoverished again.” Gladys began to drink more alcohol and take diet pills as her depression worsened. Gladys had contracted hepatitis in 1958.

Elvis’ Mother Died From A Heart Attack And Liver Failure Caused By Excessive Drinking

Elvis Presley was raised in a low-income family, so when the money began to flow, he introduced Gladys to a lavish lifestyle. Gladys was relocated to the Graceland estate and given a pink Cadillac by Presley. But Gladys saw wealth as a curse. Her best friend Lilian recalled, “After Elvis got famous, Gladys was never happy another day.” “She never again had serenity.” A family friend visited Graceland while Elvis was on tour and told Gladys, “I assume you must be the happiest woman in the world!” Mothers of mothers responded:

“You made a mistake. I’m the happiest lady on the entire planet. I’m cautious. I cannot purchase my food and see my neighbor’s neighbor turn to drugs and alcohol due to the pressures of riches and her worry that her one and only kid would suffer a catastrophe. Gladys required sleeping medicines, caffeine to wake up, and escalating doses of vodka to handle life.

Elvis’ enlistment in the military sealed Gladys’ demise. Gladys pleaded with Presley not to leave because she recalled how her cousin had gone insane and murdered unarmed civilians in North Korea. Elvis travelletraveledany because he felt he had to. Elvis got a call in August 1958 informing him that his mother was pass passed was given a seven-day emergency leave by the Army to visit his mother. His mother passed away a few hours after he landed in Memphis, so he made it just in time. Gladys died from a heart attack and liver failure by drinking too much alcohol.

Elvis Was Inconsolable Following His Mother’s Death

According to Billy Smith, Elvis’ cousin, “Elvis broke down and cried.” It nearly killed him. According to the biography by Charles L. Ponce de Leon, Elvis poured himself over her casket and wouldn’t let go. Elvis greeted her as she was lowered into her grave, saying, “Goodbye, dear. I adore you a lot. I dedicated my entire life to you! To return to the black limo that had been waiting for him during the wedding, Presley required assistance. Elvis’ friend Judy Spreckels expressed his sorrow during the funeral:

Elvis was the most depressed person I had ever seen. He never stopped sobbing. He stood there hugging me for a half-hour as we were in the Graceland front hall. He kept crying over and over. The saddest thing I had ever witnessed was that.

How did Elvis Presley’s mother, Gladys, Die? And How Did Elvis Take It?

Elvis Presley’s mother fell ill in August 1958. Elvis was stationed in Germany at the time and was a member of the US Army. Thankfully, he arrived just in time as he hurried home to meet her. Gladys Presley died on August 14, 1958, at age. The death was attributed to a heart attack, and it was later determined that liver failure brought on by alcohol intoxication was one of the contributing factors.

Later on, Elvis Presley said, “It crushed my heart.” She has always been my favouritfavoritefter burying her; Elvis struggled to walk and was inconsolable at the burial. His close acquaintances have described how he changed following Gladys’s passing and how he never truly recovered. Nearly precisely 19 years after that, on August 16, 1977, Elvis passed away. At his Graceland estate, he is interred next to his parents.

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