Thor Vs Hercules: Who Will Win In A Fight, Everyone Wants To Know!

While they might be inspired by mythology, Thor and Hercules are the most influential gods that have become the best of the characters in the Marvel comics. So, the question of Thor vs Hercules has always been in the minds of avid comic book fans. With similar superhuman powers and chiselled figures, they are extraordinary in their rights. But who will win in a head-on fight between these two? Well, this same question has bothered many comic book fans. 

In the 4th installation of the Thor franchise in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor: Love and Thunder, the movie introduced Hercules, the son of Zeus. In the credit sequence of the film, we see his father, Zeus, instructing him to go after Thor.  

Thor 5: Thor Vs Hercules?

As seen in Thor: Love and Thunder, Hercules was introduced in the post-credit scene. We see Zeus sending him after his foe Thor to take revenge. This has all fans questioning whether the plot of Thor 5 will be based on Thor vs Hercules. While the bosses have made no mention of Thor 5 of Marvel studios, one can safely assume that whenever it happens, Hercules will surely play an essential role in it. 

 Hercules has been present in the Marvel comics for a long time. Based on the Greek hero, Heracles, the character of Hercules was created by the legendary Jack Kirby. In the comics, Thor and Hercules have worked together and exchanged blows several times. But they have always been shown to be evenly matched. So, what will happen if Hercules is to fight Thor played by Chris Hemsworth in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? 

What will be the result of Thor vs Hercules? Well, that’s a question up for debate. Maybe Thor 5 will be the cinematic marvel that will finally answer this much-debated question. 

Thor Vs Hercules: Who wins the fight? 

With Chris Hemsworth playing Thor for over a decade, we have grown very fond of the character. We have seen him growing toe to toe with the likes of Thanos, Zeus, Gorr the God butcher, Ultron, Hulk, and others over the years. But what will happen if Thor vs Hercules becomes a reality?

Hercules has superhuman strength and extreme durability. He can fight the Hulk as an equal and cause serious damage. So, if he ever seriously fights Thor, he can hurt Thor badly. But the same thing applies to Thor as well. The Olympian is also blessed with superhuman strength and durability just like Hercules. So, we can assume that if the fight ever goes down between these two, raw strength will not play the determining factor in the fight. 

After the Avengers Endgame, in Love and Thunder, we see Thor becoming extremely powerful. If not equal, he is now just as powerful as cosmic beings like Eternals and Captain Marvel. However, what puts Thor at an advantage over Hercules in the MCU is his resourcefulness, battle IQ, and experience. Also, his access to thunder brings a greater edge to Hercules. Thor is the God of Thunder and can manipulate it freely as per his will. Be it with the help of weapons like Mjolnir, or Stormbreaker, or without weapons, Thor can create and strike his enemies with serious voltage to take them out. This can play as the Trump card in his fight against the Olympians. Also, we can see Thor manipulating Odin’s force in the future which can further help him in the battle. 

While we do not know how the battle between these two Gods will pan out. But one thing is for sure, if we have to pick up a winner for Thor vs Hercules, we can safely bet our money on Thor.   We do not know whether we will see Thor vs Hercules in future Thor films in the MCU. But no matter when it happens, we can only hope that Marvel Cinematic Universe provides an accurate depiction of this epic and long rivalry. The classic fight between the two of the most iconic characters in mythology is sure to draw the attention of the fans. On which team are you?


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