Is Ezekiel Elliott Gay? A Clear Statement From His Side Is Out!

Ezekiel Elliott is gay. Following the publication of more than one piece on the cover of the “Body Issue,” the American football player’s s*xual orientation has been called into question. American football player Ezekiel Elliott is a member of the Dallas Cowboys and plays the running back position for the team. Since 2016, he has been playing for NFL teams.

There have been forecasts that the Dallas Cowboys would achieve a significant victory over the Minnesota Vikings in the game scheduled to take place soon. Many observers have cited Ezekiel Elliott as one of the reasons for the team’s success.

Is Ezekiel Elliott Gay? – Who Is His Partner?

Despite widespread assumptions to the contrary, Ezekiel Elliott does not identify as a member of the LGBT community. After his appearance in a one-off annual issue of ESPN, rumors started spreading like wildfire and quickly reached a fever pitch.

The athlete was depicted on the cover of the issue titled “Body.” The athlete didn’t realize that people would accuse him of being gay merely for expressing his true self when he appeared on the cover in what seemed to be a nude state. This occurred in the year 2017. Even the news website BET deemed this behavior by Twitter users to be a sign of a feeble mentality on their part. And, one more thing that is entirely incomprehensible.

Is Ezekiel Elliott Gay
Is Ezekiel Elliott, Gay

The athlete revealed his honest feelings about topics only occasionally broached in public discourse and did it with the best intentions. However, other individuals did not share the same level of energy. Despite this, the athlete is currently involved in a romantic partnership with a lady named Halle Woodard, as far as his dating life is concerned.

The stunning young lady has multiple careers; she works as a personal fitness trainer, a certified nurse, and a bartender. The brunette beauty and the sportsman have not made their relationship official on their Instagram page. Both of them are juggling three careers at the same time.

Ezekiel Elliott’s Ethnicity Revealed

It is common knowledge that Ezekiel Elliott is of African-American ancestry. Since high school, the Dallas Cowboys athlete has participated in football games. Even though it is common knowledge that Ezekiel first showed a greater interest in the intellectual side of things,

In addition to playing football, he was active in basketball, baseball, and track during high school. After receiving the award for offensive player of the year from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in 2012, he eventually decided to pursue a career in professional football.

In 2016, Ezekiel Elliott began his career as a professional football player in the NFL. In the 2016 NFL draught, the Dallas Cowboys selected him in the fourth round as the overall number one pick.

Meet Ezekiel Elliott’s Parents

Ezekiel Elliott was born in Illinois to two athletic parents, Dawn Huff and Stacy, who competed in their respective sports. During their time at college, both held the title of undisputed champion. Even his maternal grandfather and uncle played on professional teams when they were younger and still in college.

Is Ezekiel Elliott Hiding Something?

Ezekiel Elliott is being referred to as gay by several publications, and many individuals believe this to be the case. However, as of right now, it is only a rumor. Despite this, numerous users of various social media platforms, such as Twitter, began making fun of him and spreading the allegations about him. Some of the posts were outraged, stating things like “Nobody wants to see that shit!!” by #PhillyFromTheTop (@sasksmith82), while others wrote something like “What kind of gay crap is this” by @danielmarquina1 or “What kind of homos*xual shit is this” by @danielmarquina1.

Chelsi Darlington (@hockeychelsia) was the following user who pointed out, “Some of us want to see it,” while 24 Savage (@24 savage6) said, “men soooo mad y’all just jealous.” It should be noted that most of the comments come from men, while some women celebrate it. The following user pointed out, “Some of us want to see it.” What can be said with certainty is that it is not acceptable to fans of American football for a star player like Ezekiel Elliott to accept a nude picture. This appears to be the consensus among supporters.

In the picture, Elliott can be seen running barefoot while holding a football and passing through a waterfall on his naked body. In addition to that, he is fixating his gaze intently on the camera. However, despite the magazine’s best efforts to recognize Elliott for his accomplishments as an athlete, many readers were dissatisfied with the publication’s final product. As a result, speculations regarding his s*xual orientation began to circulate, even though there is currently no evidence to back up these claims.

What Does Elliott Have To Say?

Ezekiel Elliott did not feel self-conscious about revealing himself naked and wet on the cover of one of the most widely read publications in the United States; in fact, he encouraged his followers to check out the image by tweeting it from his official account.

On the other hand, in an interview, he said, “My abs get a lot of attention,” referring to the fact that it was only an artistic photo from the annual ESPN Body Issue where the athlete’s body is admired.

There is no question that Elliott is pleased with his physique. He recently gave an interview to a well-known magazine in which he admitted that it had been challenging for him to get to that physical level because the workouts were and continue to be very strenuous.

“You’re going into football games, and you’re just beating your body up. And the next day, the day after, or two days later, you find yourself back in the weight room, feeling beat up and sore. And it seems like every step you take is hell.” He said.

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