Is Malia Obama Pregnant? President Obama’s Daughter Confirmed Pregnancy?

Is Malia Obama Pregnant? Malia Obama, the eldest daughter of Barack Obama and Michelle Obama has left many Americans curious about where she currently resides. There was a lot of attention on Malia as she grew up as former president Obama’s daughter.

Despite her permanent celebrity status, is she pregnant, or it’s just a social media prank?  Let’s find out –

Malia Obama Early Life

On July 4th, 1998, Malia Ann Obama entered the world at the University of Chicago Medical Center. Have you heard that The University of Chicago Medicine plans to buy a share in AdventHealth? A hospital network with four facilities in the western suburbs, according to a statement released by AdventHealth on Tuesday.

Now coming to our topic, When Malia entered the university Barack Obama was a law professor and state legislator in Illinois. At the same time, Michelle Obama was there and worked as an administrator for students at the University of Chicago.

Despite being diagnosed with asthma at a young age, Malia and her younger sister Sasha, who grew up in the middle-class Hyde Park area, participated in several extracurricular activities throughout their youth. However, once her father was elected to the Senate in 2004, her horizons widened beyond Chicago. In 2007, she first tasted the national campaign trail during her brother’s run for President.

Malia Obama’s Life as First Daughter

Malia’s childhood and youth were spent primarily within the walls of the White House after her father was elected 44th President of the United States in November 2008. In their 132-room mansion with a pool, bowling alley, and a host of advisers, President Obama and First Lady Obama strove to keep their girls grounded, as recounted by Michelle Obama in her novel Becoming.

In 2009, Malia and Sasha were given a Portuguese Water Dog named Bo, and later another named Sunny. They frequently traveled with their maternal grandmother, Marian Robinson, to and from school and relied on her to keep their rooms tidy. The Obama girls went on school trips, attended summer camp, and attended the high school prom while guarded by the Secret Service. Malia, whose nickname is Radiance, received driving lessons from her bodyguards.

Is Malia Obama Pregnant
Is Malia Obama Pregnant

Malia has traveled the world with her family, including to Hawaii every year to spend Christmas with extended family, as well as to Russia, Asia, and South America, where she has met world leaders, including Pope Benedict XVI and Nelson Mandela. She gained notoriety for helping her father communicate with their Cuban hosts during his state visit in 2016.

Malia and Sasha Obama were honoured by Time magazine as two of the 25 Most Influential Teens of 2014, even though the Obamas had previously asked the media to avoid covering their kids.

Malia Obama’s Education

After completing the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, Malia Obama was accepted to the prestigious Sidwell Friends School in Washington, DC, in early 2009. She became the second member of the first family to follow in the footsteps of the Clintons’ daughter, Chelsea. Before she graduated from Sidwell Friends in June 2016, she was active on the soccer, tennis, and swim teams and in the school chorus.

After spending her gap year exploring South America with friends and Indonesia with her parents, Malia enrolled at Harvard University for the autumn 2017 semester. However, nothing is known about her time at Harvard other than that she was awarded the Thomas Temple Hoopes Prize for outstanding undergraduate work and pedagogical competence just before she graduated in 2021.

Malia Obama’s Personal Life

In late 2017, rumors circulated that Malia was dating Rory Farquharson, the son of a wealthy London businessman. Their bond endured through college and the COVID-19 pandemic. In late 2020, the former President confirmed on The Bill Simmons Podcast that Farquharson had been quarantined with the family.

The two were romantically linked after a video of Rory Farquharson and Malia Obama, the president’s eldest daughter, was made public in November 2017. In the video which was recorded at the American football game between Harvard and Yale, Malia can be seen grinning and smoking a cigarette before encircling Rory and kissing him.

It is also heard that Malia Obama Was Negatively Influenced By Rory Farquharson During their Relationship? If you want to know the full story you can read it…

Now coming to our main topic Is Malia Obama Pregnant? And why does everyone believes that the baby belongs to the Future?

Is Malia Obama Pregnant?

President Obama’s 24-year-old daughter Malia Obama is rumored to have been pregnant. This seems to be a fake rumor started by Twitter users in the past week. It’s really absurd to see some users were stupid enough to believe all this made-up fake stuff.

Hence, they ended up passing some racial comments.

The fact that so many people are falling for the rumor that Malia Obama is expecting Future’s kid in 2022, demonstrates that some internet users will believe anything these days.
However, Barrack knows that his daughters have boyfriends and in the most recent news his eldest daughter Malia is seen in NYC With Dawit Eklund.

How ‘Is Malia Obama Pregnant’ Rumours Started?

Rapstreet TV, an Instagram account devoted to humor, spread false rumors about Malia and Future after posting a photo collage of the two stars. It stated, “BREAKING: FUTURE and MALIA OBAMA expecting FIRST CHILD TOGETHER.”

On September 6th, the facetious post went live. You can do this from here –


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