Who Is The Father Of Serena Joy’s Child In The Handmaid’s Tale?

The fourth season of The Handmaid’s Tale presented the word “complex” on a silver platter when it was determined that Serena Joy Waterford (Yvonne Strahovski) was pregnant. But may there be another layer that the audience is missing? There have been a lot of people who have been wondering if Fred Waterford (Joseph Fiennes) is indeed the father of Serena’s child. So, in light of what the showrunner divulged about the plot and what viewers may anticipate as the Hulu series continues, here are those details.

‘The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 Episode 2 Confirms Serena Joy Waterford Is Pregnant

The Handmaid’s Tale season 4 episode 2 was titled “Nightshade,” It focused on the characters, Serena and Fred. At first, Serena tried to persuade her husband to see things her way. However, Fred made it abundantly plain that he had no interest in making amends.

Who Is Mrs Waterford Pregnant By
Who Is Mrs Waterford Pregnant By

“Nichole is not your daughter any more than mine,” Fred said to Serena. “Nichole is neither of our daughters.” “If you think I’m going to let you have her and go free, go start a new life, you are insane,” I told him. “I will not allow you to have her.”

Consequently, Serena went to Mark Trello, played by Sam Jaeger, and requested that her interests be separated from Fred’s. After then, Trello informed Serena that she was expecting a child. “You’re pregnant, Serena. “I have the findings from the blood test done on you,” stated Trello. “Congratulations.”

Who Is Serena Joy Pregnant By?

Since season one, Serena has been desperate to get pregnant because she couldn’t get pregnant alone. Serena wanted her marriage with Commander Fred Waterford (Joseph Fiennes) to end because she had gone to extraordinary measures to support her handmaid June (Elizabeth Banks), who was now accused of being a sex offender, and her husband was currently serving time for the incident in Canada.

After everything that had occurred, she had expressed a desire to “distance her interests” from Fred to Mark Trello (Sam Jaeger). According to the results of her blood tests, she is indeed pregnant, Mark says at this exact moment.

By the end of season two of season four, Serena was delighted and perplexed by the information she would now need to consider. Who even coerced her into having sex with Nick to become pregnant on her behalf (Max Minghella).

Although they are dating, June is essentially Serena’s slave and is powerless to refuse her when she orders her to have sex with him.
This results in Serena being detained for raping June.

‘The Handmaid’s Tale Showrunner Explains Fred And Serena Joy Waterford’s New Baby

After it was revealed that Offred’s wife was pregnant, some viewers of The Handmaid’s Tale speculated whether Mrs. Waterford had been unfaithful to Fred. On the other hand, Fred is likely the father of Serena’s child. Showrunner Bruce Miller interviewed The Hollywood Reporter, discussing the reasons behind Fred and Serena’s success in conceiving a child.

“Well, Gilead is effective,” Miller stated. “They tidied up and did everything in their power to boost the population’s fertility. They are not infertile; guys can reproduce. I believe Fred had a low sperm count and bad odds, so I don’t think he had much chance. The showrunner for The Handmaid’s Tale also presented a few hypotheses regarding Fred and Serena’s predicament.

“My feeling was that either they got lucky or it’s just what Serena says — that the clean water, the clean living, all of the organic food, and all of the Gilead living helped a little bit,” Miller said. “I sensed that either they got lucky or it’s simply what Gilead life does.” “Or, perhaps, the answers to prayer were found. Who are we to say that wasn’t successful? They lucked out at some point or another along the way.”

How Serena Joy’s Pregnancy Impacts The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4

Even though the showrunner for The Handmaid’s Tale has dispelled the assumption that Fred isn’t the child’s father, there are still a lot of secrets to uncover regarding Serena’s pregnancy. In an interview with TV Insider, Miller told the audience that Serena has always wanted to become a mother. But as of right now, everything has shifted.

“She moved to a new nation so that she might have a child. She successfully overturned the existing government. She’s going to have a baby now. Was it worth it? Miller stated. “A significant portion of this season is about achieving what you’ve always wanted, and then what you sacrifice for, what you put everything on the line for—then seeing what you’ve turned into,” said one of the show’s characters.

The showrunner also hinted that Serena will “suffer during her pregnancy the same manner that she made June [Elisabeth Moss] suffer.” Then, in a subsequent interview with Variety, Miller speculated that Serena would have her child taken away from her.

Miller stated, “It’s quite evident that she does not deserve to be happy, but there may be a parallel universe in which she deserves to conceive a kid only to have it ripped away from her at birth.” Fans of “The Handmaid’s Tale” will have to wait until season 4 to find out how Serena’s tale plays out for the time being. Prepare to go.

The Handmaid’s Tale, Season 4, is available on Hulu.

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