Creator of Babylon 5 Urges Fans to Help In Order To Save The Reboot

J. Michael Straczynski the show’s creator has issued a plea to the audience for support as he attempts to have a new season of Babylon 5 produced. Despite the Warner Bros. Discovery merger and subsequent acquisition of The CW to Nexstar Media Group, the 2021 announcement of a Babylon 5 remake still stands. The CW has previously stated that the project is still active, but a decision on its future is expected to be made soon. His tweet from the day before said-

“It’s never been my way to ask B5 fans and followers for a solid on behalf of the show.  Because I feel it’s my role, and the role of the show, to be in service to you, not the other way around. But tomorrow, for the first time in 22 years, I will ask.”

In an effort to persuade Warner Bros. Television’s decision, he has invited fans to tweet their support for the Babylon 5 relaunch today…

“The fate of the #Babylon5 pilot may be decided end of this month,” Straczynski tweeted today. “Though much of @TheCW was bought by @NXSTMediaGroup the decision also rests heavily with @WarnerbrosTV. If fans want to show their support for B5 & let them know you want this to happen, now is the time #B5onCWin23.”

 Fans of Babylon 5 were relieved to see the series made available for streaming on HBO Max with only minor changes. Without a doubt, they are expressing their enthusiasm for the revival on various social media platforms, but whether or not this will be enough to convince producers to produce a new pilot episode is anyone’s guess.

The CW’s chairman/CEO Mike Pedowitz is still on board with the proposal, according to comments Straczynski made in February when he indicated that production on a Babylon 5 relaunch was underway for 2023 on the network.

I should mention that Mark is a great guy and a long-time fan of B5,” Straczynski wrote on Patreon. “He worked for Warners when the show was first airing. Calling the [reboot] pilot a ‘damned fine script,’ he said he was taking the highly unusual step of rolling the project and the pilot script into next year, keeping B5 in active development while the dust settles on the [prospective] sale of the CW.”

Pedowitz stated in May that the remake was still on “very much in active development, I personally spoke with Straczynski back when we picked up the pilot. I’m a huge fan of Babylon 5, on a personal basis, I’ve seen every episode of the series. I’ve known Joe for a long, long time. I’d love to bring back that story in some shape or form, I think it’s perfect for the CW.”

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