Victims of a Rear-End Collision in Anaheim Get a $250,000 Settlement

JT Legal Group, a personal injury law firm in Los Angeles, CA, recently secured $250,000 from a rear-end automobile collision. The accident is reported to have occurred back in April 2019 along Anaheim’s SR-91 Freeway. It involved a mother and her two minor children who were headed home after coming from Restaurant Depot.

It is reported that the collision happened when traffic started to slow on SR-91 Freeway. The mom, who was driving the vehicle, tried to apply breaks to her vehicle, bringing it to a complete halt. However, when the car stopped, it was violently hit from the back by the defendant. The litigation involving this personal injury matter placed liability on the defendant, who, at the time of the accident, didn’t stop upon seeing that the victim had stopped. As a result, the collision not only caused injuries but also caused damage to the car.

Due to the powerful impact of the crash, the victim’s car was forcefully dragged into a concrete center divider. The impact also caused the driver to hit her head on the window, leaving her with head and shoulder injuries. Her children also sustained chest pain as the seatbelt pressed firmly against their chest.

The purpose of the personal injury case was to help the victim recoup damages she had incurred from the collision. She wasn’t able to go on with her normal life after being involved in the accident. It also cost her thousands of dollars to help regain her life back before getting compensated for the injuries or damages.

To be precise, the victim went through several chiropractic treatments aimed at easing the pain in her shoulder. However, the several visits didn’t help improve her condition. Surgery was later recommended as the ideal treatment for shoulder pain.

The victim underwent shoulder acromioplasty that helped to eliminate the impingement in the shoulder. It achieved this goal by adding more siding space to accommodate her shoulder tendons. Her joint wasn’t opened while this procedure was being performed.

The rear-end collision is one of the nearly 5,004 collisions that occur annually in Anaheim, CA, according to traffic data from the California Office of Traffic Safety. More than half of these accidents leave at least one party injured, making car collisions an important area of focus for traffic authorities and personal injury lawyers. While these statistics give an overview of what’s happening on the ground, reaching out for expert help is the key to navigating car accident cases.

How Car Accident Claims Work

After being involved in a vehicle accident, it is quite normal to be in shock or in fear. You may not know the exact extent of your injuries or damages done to your vehicle.

It’s common for the negligent person’s insurance company to pressure you into accepting a quick settlement. Their insurer will still push for a quick settlement even if they know that your injuries or damages are due to someone else’s negligence. At this point, it can be tempting to accept their offer, especially when you have serious injuries that need medical attention.

Filing a car accident claim will help you feel less overwhelmed about the accident. It can also help you get the compensation you need to pay for medical bills and afford living when the injuries take a toll on your ability to work.


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