Board Portal Like DirectorPoint to Improve the Organization of Your Business

The enterprise software or board of directors portal is a convenient and secure platform that is centralized cloud software for different company owners. Thanks to the board portal, you can carry out a full range of communications and activities related to payment.

What is DirectorPoint?

DirectorPoint is a cloud-based environment ideal for team meetings and communications. If you are the owner of a medium, small or large business, then this software will become your reliable assistant. Board Portal DirectorPoint is an amazing virtual option with all the features you’d expect from the industry’s leading virtual data provider:

  • The main tasks of DirectorPoint are managing the communications of the work team, maintaining agendas, holding meetings and signing documents.
  • DirectorPoint focuses on due diligence in every industry, including M&A (mergers), real estate, biotech and technology.
  • The eight user access permission settings can be used individually or in groups, and users can be assigned a permission profile that allows them to access specific files and folders.
  • All user actions are tracked, recorded in time and published in audit logs.
  • 256-bit encryption, automatic watermarking, anti-virus protection and many other security measures guarantee maximum protection of confidential data.

Because many competing vendors require you to download plug-ins or other software, such as Board Portal like DirectorPoint works consistently across all web browsers, operating systems, and devices without any add-ons. Full compatibility of mobile devices is ensured by special applications for iOs and Windows.

Secure, powerful, flexible yet intuitive, with a great user interface and 24/7/365 multilingual client support, the DirectorPoint board portal is available as a web service or integrated into your existing infrastructure. Go to to know more information about the Board Portal like DirectorPoint.

Understanding Board Portal

Board portal will be a great addition and assistant for doing business. You will be able to conduct all communications with investors, subordinates and colleagues. Board portals are widely available, immediately available and secure platforms.

Initial DirectorPoint, audit operations, and companies or other firms that need to collaborate and share information will benefit from the board portal. With the development, this solution is popular in an increasing number of industries.

What is Available via DirectorPoint?

Everything that is important for a given company can be contained in board meeting management software. These can be documents related to finances, human resources, patents. There are also files necessary to conclude specific transactions between users. At the moment, companies feel more and more trust in the boardroom, which is why they take advantage of the benefits also in the case of documentation devoted to investment or construction projects.

Board Portal Applications

Merger and Acquisition (M&A) procedures commonly use the board document management. These repositories provide space for the due diligence needed to complete a transaction. These business transactions involve large amounts of documents, many of which are confidential and contain sensitive information. Using a board portal like DirectorPoint is a safe and reliable way for all interested parties to view and exchange documents during negotiations.

Companies often work together to manufacture products to provide services. Establishing and maintaining these business relationships requires contracts and frequent data transfers. Board portal allows you to store these contracts and provide you with readily available documents needed to continue your business partnership. For example, changes made by an engineer to a construction plan are immediately available to all contractors involved in the project.

Auditing the company’s practices, compliance and accounts is common practice in all businesses. This process is often a problem as workers have to cooperate with external regulators. In addition, many companies today have offices in remote locations and around the world in different time zones. The use of a virtual boardroom allows lawyers, accountants, internal and external regulators and other interested parties to have a centralized access point. Providing a central system reduces errors and time. It also ensures transparency in communication. Depending on the type of control, the level of access and authorizations vary.

Board software is organizational governance software that facilitates secure digital communication and collaboration among members of a board of directors. Common board portal features include messaging capabilities, document storage, digital voting tools, a platform to record meeting minutes, and other tools that simplify both light and complex day-to-day tasks.

What other Variants of Board Portal Like DirectorPoint are there?

In addition to the familiar DirectorPoint, there are also many other alternatives on the board room market that have different advantages and features.


OnBoard board management software is ideal for directors of large companies and business managers. With this software, you can greatly simplify communications and conduct online meetings.

Azeus Convene

Azeus Convene is a perfect meeting solution with native apps for iPad, Android, Windows, Mac. Proven to increase productivity, Convene can be used for paperless meetings at all levels of the organization. It can also be configured to work as a board portal for board meetings, project management and team meetings.

Nasdaq Boardvantage

Nasdaq Boardvantage helps directors, committees, and leaders be more prepared, engaged, and aligned in their collaborative and decision-making processes. In addition, the councils portal makes it easy for company secretaries and administrators to manage meetings, create programs, and distribute materials.


BoardPAC facilitates remote and virtual board meeting management; for board directors, Chairpersons, CEOs, CXOs, Executive committee members and senior management members, board secretaries, company secretaries, and general counsels. BoardPAC fosters an easy-to-use and convenient platform for conducting board meetings and other high-level senior management meetings via iPads, iPhones, mac devices, Windows surfaces, Android Tabs and Phones. Both on-premise and cloud storage options are supported by BoardPAC across all popular platforms including Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows.

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