Dietrich Mateschitz Net Worth in 2022( The Owner of Red Bull)

The Austrian entrepreneur who was the co-founder of “Red Bull”, Dietrich Mateschitz had created a leading energy drink company in the world. Being the richest person in Austria for most of his life and one of the 100 richest people in the world, Dietrich Mateschitz’s net worth had been exploding.

Red Bull is more of a necessity in the sports industry and Dietrich successfully built such a successful venture. However, on 22nd October, the sad news of Dietrich’s death was announced to the world. As a matter of fact, Dietrich Mateschitz’s net worth also made him invest in motorsports because he loved it.

The business tycoon has died and left a huge chunk of Dietrich Mateschitz’s net worth. So, what is Dietrich Mateschitz’s net worth, and who is going to manage his business?

Dietrich Mateschitz’s Early Life 

Born in Sankt Marein in Murztal, Styria, Nazi Germany which is Austria in the present day, Dietrich Mateschitz’s birthday in 20th May 1944. He was preached of both Austria and Slovenian heritage and both his parents were elementary school teachers.

But his parents got divorced when the entrepreneur was young and so, his mother took charge of shaping him into a successful individual. He went to the Vienna University of Economics and Business and after 10 years, he completed his education in 1972 with a marketing degree. 

Dietrich Mateschitz’s Career: How he created Red Bull?

Dietrich never aimed to work under anyone. He always dreamt of making that big Dietrich Mateschitz’s net worth. Soon after completing his studies, he initially was employed by companies such as Unilever and Blendax.

There he was a marketing professional. Since he had to travel a lot, he went to Thailand for business purposes and that changed his life. There he found “Krating Daeng” which was popular for being a “hangover cure”. The drink helped him with jet lag and it surprised him. Mateschitz started looking for the creator of the drink in 1984 and he met Chaleo Yoovidhya, a Thai duck farmer who invented the drink. 

This just led to the idea of launching Red Bull with Chaleo and that was the beginning of Dietrich Mateschitz’s net worth. In 1987, the duo started their company Red Bull GmbH and in no time, Red Bull became the most preferred drink of choice.

 As the company kept attaining new heights, Dietrich Mateschitz’s net worth grew and as he was a marketing professional, he gave the slogan “Red Bull gives you wings”. This tagline became popular all over the world and sports brands started collaborating with Red Bull.

After sponsoring multiple events, in 2010, Red Bull got the chance of sponsoring eSports. The impression was given out that Red Bull helps in attaining mental and physical strength that is needed for high-level competence. As a matter of fact, Red Bull makes over $9 billion since it sold over 10 billion cans. With $6 billion in revenue per year, the company makes $1 billion in profit which also increases Dietrich Mateschitz’s net worth.

The entrepreneur is also an active investor in Formula One. He purchased the Jaguar racing team back in 2004 and renamed it Red Bull Racing. Then in 2005, he bought the Minardi racing team that later became Scuderia Toro Rosso. After five long years, he had his first Constructors’ Championship and Drivers’ Championship win with Sebastian Vettel. The victory continued to 2011, 2012, and 2013.

Dietrich Mateschitz’s net worth also motivated him to buy an A1-racing circuit which he changed the name to Red Bull Ring and a couple of soccer teams. He bought Austria’s soccer team and named it Red Bull Salzburg. Later, he purchased the American soccer team and German club RB Leipzig. Dietrich Mateschitz’s net worth was personally used to make all of these expensive purchases.

Dietrich Mateschitz Net Worth

Having multiple investments and 49% ownership in Red Bull GmbH, Dietrich Mateschitz’s net worth was $27.4 billion when he had his last breath. His companies, sports teams, and partnerships have curated Dietrich Mateschitz’s net worth. He also owns a private island named Laucala located in the South Pacific near Fiji.

Dietrich Mateschitz’s net worth allowed him to buy multiple properties in the Austrian Alps like the 1908 Art Nouveau guesthouse and 1603’s tavern. This was done for the purpose of historical restoration. 

Dietrich Mateschitz’s Death

Dietrich Mateschitz died at 78 years old on 22nd October 2022. He was diagnosed with cancer and that led to the death of the successful businessman. 

Dietrich Mateschitz’s Personal Life

The co-founder of Red Bull was never married in his life. He did have a relationship with Marion Feichtner before he died but they didn’t end up walking the aisle. As a matter of fact, Dietrich Mateschitz has a son named Mark Gerhardter but no one knows the true identity of his son’s mother.

 Final Lines

Dietrich Mateschitz may be no longer amongst us but his creation will forever be living within people. Hopefully, his son will take over his business and Dietrich Mateschitz’s legacy will never be forgotten. We pray his soul finds peace!

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