Is James Marsden’s Scars real? “Dead To Me” Shirtless Scenes Excite Fans

Fans of the compelling Netflix series Dead to Me had many questions when Season 3 first appeared. One immediately surfaced when Ben Woods, played by James Marsden, was pictured without a shirt. Not that we’re grumbling at all!

Ben, however, has multiple scars on his torso, as viewers will see. Are the marks authentic and possibly based on the actor’s personal life? This is what we do know.

James Marsden’s ‘Dead to Me’ scars: real or makeup?

Dead to Me fans will be reminded of the end of Season 2 when Steve’s twin crashes into a car carrying Judy Hale (Linda Cardellini) and Jen Harding (Christina Applegate) when they see the scars on Ben’s torso, according to Today. Ben appeared unharmed, but we began to wonder if he had been hurt in the collision.

Ben’s scars, however, were already known to us. Remember how Ben revealed to Jen in Season 2 that he had to have heart surgery as a child, leaving him with scars on his chest?

Is James Marsden Scars real
Is James Marsden Scar real?

Tragically, Ben also recalled how, as a child, he and his twin Steve covered up their scars so that girls wouldn’t notice them, according to Refinery29. The most significant physical distinction between the Wood twins is also their scars.

We can therefore say that James does not have scarring on his chest because there is a reason for Ben’s scars that is included in the Dead to Me narrative.

James Marsden has no scars like his ‘Dead to Me’ character

We discovered hard proof that the actor does not have noticeable marks on his body, unlike his role in Dead to Me, just in case viewers had any last-minute lingering questions about this plot detail. James earlier uploaded an Instagram photo of himself without a shirt, and he is scar-free, much to the appreciation of the majority of the United States—hell, the world.

James wasn’t meant to be in Dead to Me Seasons 2 and 3

According to Liz Feldman, the show’s creator, James’ involvement in the series was supposed to end when his character Steve, who was once married to Judy, passed away after the first season of Dead to Me. James, though, didn’t appear to be able to move on. Not that we are complaining again.

When James contacted him, he asked, “Why am I researching if a man can survive both a catastrophic brain injury and drowning?” Liz told the publication. But because we had such a good time working together and he got along so well with Christina and Linda, when he said he was open to returning, I thought, “Twins!”

Hey James, have you ever considered including a triplet in the show? simply stating

Final words

Netflix has started streaming Dead to Me season 3.