Prevention And Windows Replacement Markham

One of the challenging things for homeowners is keeping the warm air inside and the cold air outside during the winter. This also applies to the summer season where there is a need to keep the cold air inside and the hot air on the outside. Windows replacement Markham is one of the ways to keep drafts outside without increasing energy bills.

Prevention And Windows Replacement Markham

The most common cause of drafts is leaking windows. Windows become worn and torn with time leading to leakages which are a major cause of high energy bills in homes. The following is a discussion on how to prevent drafts and windows replacement Markham that can be useful to homeowners.

Interior Design Solutions

There are some interior design solutions that can be applied to prevent the drafts instead of having to go through the trouble of dealing with Markham window replacement. These solutions include blocking the air leakage into the inside by using convenient window treatments.

It is easy to obtain window treatments and you can change them with seasons instead of having to carry out windows replacement Markham.

When the temperatures are warm, you can use simple curtains to avoid holding a lot of warmth on the inside and when the temperatures are very cold, make use of very heavy curtains to help block the warm air from escaping to the outside.

For further draft prevention using interior design solutions, you can use specialized thermal drapes and use fasteners which are used to bring the drapes nearer to the wall.

Window Caulking

Sometimes the cause of drafty windows is as a result of leakages around the window trim. In these cases, finding a way to prevent airflow around the trim is an easy and convenient way to prevent air leakage.

Caulking is filling all the gaps in the windows. It is an easy and cheaper way than going for windows replacement Markham especially if your windows are not very old.

Calking should be done repeatedly and should be done using non-toxic latex caulk which is meant to be used on the inside of the window.

If your windows are old, you should scrap the existing caulk before going for a new caulk application. In cases where the windows are too old, torn, and worn, the best solution would be Markham window replacement.

Weather Stripping And Sealants

The use of weather stripping is the best way to prepare for the winter season. In the case where the seal is broken or is too old to function effectively, you can use new sealants to prevent drafts.

There are several available options for weather stripping, and any professional should know how to handle the different types of weather stripping. The skills needed for the installation process are dependent on the type of stripping chosen.

Stripping options include felt stripping, vinyl or metal stripping, and tension seals. The felt striping is relatively expensive however it is the easiest to install and can be done independently without needing a professional in windows replacement Markham.

Metal strips are the commonly chosen option because they are not only cheap but are also very effective. The tension seals, which are also known as the v-strips, can spring gaps open to fill them.

Use Of Storm Windows

Storm windows are not very expensive and are a great way of increasing the energy efficiency of your home through draft prevention.

Storm windows are a more permanent solution because they can be used all year round regardless of whether it is summer or winter season.

The storm windows not only prevent air leakage but also provide solar control. There are different types of storm windows starting from thin plastic films or sheets all the way to thick glass products.

The storm doors can be installed on either the inside or the outside based on your needs and preferences to best reflect your personality.

Windows Replacement Or Repair

Sometimes the only solution to prevent drafts is usually Markham window replacement. This is especially the solution where the window is very old and torn.

Repairing the windows is a valid solution, but in cases where the window are cracked and warped, the cost of repair would even be more than the cost of window replacement Markham.