Is Maggie Haberman Pregnant? Who Is Her Husband?

Many people interested in CNN political analyst and American journalist Maggie Haberman‘s career have speculated that she is expecting a child. Maggie Haberman’s friends and colleagues are concerned about her health because of her profession as a political analyst. Is Maggie Haberman pregnant? Read this article to find out!

Who Is Maggie Haberman?

Maggie Lindsey Haberman is a Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist, White House correspondent for the New York Times, and political analyst for CNN (born October 30, 1973). She has written about politics for a variety of New York City newspapers and magazines, including the Post, the Daily News, and Politico.

Her articles about Donald Trump during his campaign, presidency, and post-presidency made her a household name at the Times.

Maggie Haberman Early Life

Haberman was born on October 30, 1973, in New York City, to Clyde Haberman, a veteran reporter for The New York Times, and Nancy Haberman (née Spies), a media relations professional at Rubenstein Associates.

Is Maggie Haberman Pregnant
Is Maggie Haberman Pregnant

A number of prominent New Yorkers, including Donald Trump, were clients of Haberman’s mother, and the company’s namesake founder was called “the dean of damage management” by Rudy Giuliani. She attended Sarah Lawrence College for her bachelor’s degree and then transferred to Ethical Culture Fieldston School for her associate’s degree.

Maggie Haberman’s Husband

Maggie Haberman married Dareh Ardashes Gregoria in a quiet ceremony in November of 2003. It took them nearly seven years of dating before they got engaged and eventually tied the knot. Maggie and Dareh tied the knot on New York City’s Tribeca Rooftop.

The two of them started dating soon after meeting during the winter of 1996. Dareh Ardashes Gregoria is a seasoned researcher, reporter, writer, and typist who has worked on the story of Maggie Haberman’s spouse. His father’s name, Vartan Gregorian, is well-known, and he is often introduced as the man’s son.

Is Maggie Haberman Pregnant?

The American journalist Maggie Haberman covers the White House for The New York Times and provides political analysis for CNN. For the past 30 years, she has studied and mastered this field. Since very recently, Maggie Haberman has been known as Mrs. Dareh Ardashes Gregoria.

That the journalist is expecting her second child has been widely speculated about by her fans, but she has yet to confirm or deny the rumours. She’s been a mom for three kids and is 48 years old. The arrival of her third kid took everyone by surprise.

Already a mother of two, she was overjoyed to learn that she was pregnant again. It seemed possible that the false information she dealt with frequently in her work as a notable reporter was the source of the pregnancy rumour. Hopefully, the senior political reporter is so immersed in her work at the moment that the rumours will fade away.

Maggie Haberman Weight Loss

Maggie Haberman has lost weight, which has been noted by her devoted readership. Her weight loss has resulted in a dramatically slimmer new look. Her mysterious weight loss (from 66 to 52 kilogrammes) has yet to be explained.

As of right now, there doesn’t seem to be any major health issues that she’s dealing with. The journalist appeared to have successfully reduced her weight through dietary and physical exercise changes.

Maggie Haberman’s Book on Donald Trump

Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America will be Haberman’s next book. The date of Thursday, October 4, 2022, is set in Included in the book are extensive analyses of Trump’s false claims that the presidency was stolen from him and his alleged refusal to leave the White House.

Haberman claims that Trump told two advisers, “We’re never leaving,” and “I’m just not going to go.” Is it possible to resign after being elected? In spite of this, Trump reportedly told one advisor in November, “We did our best,” indicating that he understood he had lost the election, as noted by Haberman.

Is Maggie Haberman Pregnant
Is Maggie Haberman Pregnant

“I thought we had it,” Trump allegedly told his subordinate press secretaries. To others, Haberman’s decision to leave out the comments referenced in the excerpt is problematic. Michael J. Stern, author of an editorial for USA Today, tweeted, “According to Maggie Haberman’s latest book, Trump was so deranged that even after losing the election, he would not leave the White House.

“There is a conflict of interest for journalists who also write books when they conceal material in order to use it in their opus years later. To put it bluntly, it stinks. Maggie Haberman, according to a New York Times spokesperson who spoke with The Wrap, took time off to write her book.

She gave The Times a lot of interesting details while researching the book. Another comment from the spokesman read: “Editors chose what news was most suited for our news story.”

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