‘Several’ Killed and Injured in Bomb Blast Near Kabul Military Airport Checkpoint

A Taliban official said that “several” people were killed and hurt when a bomb went off near a checkpoint at Kabul’s military airport on Sunday morning. This was the first deadly explosion in Afghanistan in 2023.

No one said right away that they were behind the attack, but the local branch of the Islamic State group, known as the Islamic State in Khorasan Province, has been doing more attacks since the Taliban took over in 2021.

Taliban patrols and members of Afghanistan’s Shiite minority have both been attacked. The military airport is about 200 metres from the civilian airport and close to the Interior Ministry, where a suicide bombing killed at least four people last October.

Abdul Nafi Takor, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry, said that the blast killed and hurt a number of people. He didn’t give exact numbers or more information about the bombing. Instead, he said that details of the investigation would be given later.

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Even though Taliban security guards stopped people from taking pictures or videos at the blast site, the checkpoint looked damaged but still whole.

It is on Airport Road, which leads to high-security neighbourhoods with government ministries, foreign embassies, and the presidential palace. Khalid Zadran, who is in charge of the police in Kabul, did not have a spokesperson who could talk right away.

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