Who is Rob49? Is New Orleans Rapper Dead or Alive?

NBC 6 claims that Rob49 was one of several people shot while filming a music video for fellow rapper French Montana. According to the news source, multiple people were shot outside of The Licking Miami Gardens soul food restaurant on Thursday night (January 5, 2023).

Fans are curious about Rob49 after hearing that he was among those shot yesterday night, since he was revealed by rapper Ced Mogul in an interview with the outlet.

Who is Rob49 and What’s His Age?

Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, Rob49 (actual name Robert Thomas) is on the rise as a rapper, composer, and producer. On March 6, 1999, he entered the world. Vulture Island and Pent House, two singles from the 23-year album, old’s helped to establish his reputation as a musician.

The former track has been heard over a million times on the music streaming service Spotify. Aside from that, he has 102,000 subscribers to a YouTube channel where he has uploaded a number of music videos.

Who is Rob49
Who is Rob49

On the tracks “Vulture Island VV” and “Add It Up,” Rob49 teams up with Lil Baby and G Herbo, respectively. Based on his Instagram, the rapper’s tour was set to kick off in Houston, Texas on January 7, 2023, with further stops in Charlotte, Atlanta, Chicago, Washington, DC, and Boston.

Rob49 Reportedly Shot During Filming of French Montana Video

According to NBC 6, ten people were shot yesterday night in Miami during the making of a music video for French Montana. The New Orleans rapper was one of them. A ShotSpotter call was made just before 8 p.m. local time outside The Licking Miami Gardens on Northwest 27th Street, and police arrived on the scene.

The authorities, the site reports, have stated that the shooting incident began in another area before moving to the restaurant. Authorities have verified many casualties, according to NBC 6’s Ryan Nelson. The probe is still in its early stages.

Rapper is Reportedly in Stable Condition

A Twitter post by music journalist Nicholas Liddle claims Rob49 is in stable condition following the shooting. Neither the total number of casualties nor their conditions have been confirmed by Miami Gardens Police as of this writing. Whether or not French Montana was a casualty is yet unknown.

Is New Orleans Rapper Rob49 Dead or Alive?

Alive and well, Rob49 is a New Orleans rapper. All of his followers became quite worried after hearing he was involved in the shooting incident that occurred on the set of the French Montana music video in Miami. The rapper, though, is doing fine at the moment.

It has been reported, however, that Montana’s bodyguard is in a severe condition and fighting for his life. If you were looking for details regarding the shooting that occurred during French Montana’s music video shoot in Miami, as well as an update on the condition of rapper Rob49, we hope that you found them here.

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Who is Rob49
Who is Rob49

What Happened To Rob49?

According to NBC 6, ten people, including the New Orleans rapper, were shot the night before while filming a music video for French Montana in Miami. Officers responded to a ShotSpotter report just before 8 p.m. local time on Northwest 27th Street, just west of The Licking Miami Gardens.

The site states that investigators said an argument started elsewhere and ended in the restaurant where the shooting occurred. Multiple victims have been confirmed, according to NBC 6’s Ryan Nelson. The probe is still active at this time.

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