Queens NYPD Officer Committed Suicide By Jumping From A Building

On Tuesday, an NYPD officer was reported dead after jumping off the top of a building in Queens. Police discovered the 28-year-old officer at 12:30 p.m. after jumping over the top of the LeFrak City Apartments in Elmhurst, which is close to the NYPD Medical Division.

Reliable police sources have reported that he had just finished a consultation with the department psychiatrist before he jumped. Police claimed they would not publicize the officer’s name because they had not informed his family of his death. The officer was reportedly a father of two.

NYPD Officer Committed Suicide By Jumping
                                               NYPD Officer Committed Suicide By Jumping

According to sources and police records, he joined the service in 2017 and was reassigned to the 121st Precinct in Staten Island in September 2022. Authorities claimed they had placed the officer on restricted duty and seized his service firearms, but it was unclear when or why this occurred.

Several of the officer’s pals were concerned when he posted troubling messages on social media in November. The officer pleaded for aid in a letter dated November 10. If you love me, thank you. Look after me, please.

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To whom it may concern, I ask that you listen to me. SPEAK TO ME. If you have the time, please get to know me. To which a friend said, “Stay strong… If you keep a good outlook and remember how many people care for and love you, you can make it through anything.

When he started the thread two days ago, he said, “Thank you for listening.” If you’re reading this, you’re one of the in-crowd. The voices of his loved ones joined in to offer encouragement. Take things as slowly as you can, primo.

Stop dwelling on hypotheticals and hypothetical outcomes. “You’ve got this,” one person reassured you. The police commissioner, Keechant Sewell, expressed his sorrow over the officer’s passing in an online post-Tuesday night: “Our thoughts and prayers are w/ the member’s family and friends.”

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