Valorant Episode 6: How Will the Rank Reset Work in the Game?

The competitive queue will see some changes in Valorant Episode 6 Act 1 that will improve the consistency of ranked rating gains and losses. The modifications were effective with Valorant patch 6.0 and ought to lessen any exaggerated variations in RR whether winning or losing.

A soft ranking reset also occurs with each new Episode. In order to learn their rank, which will be different from what they attained at the conclusion of Episode 5, players must compete in five placement matches. What you need to know about the new RR gain changes is provided below.

How Will the Rank Reset Work in Valorant Episode 6?

Regular competitors in Valorant’s competitive mode will be familiar with the occurrence of rank resets. Since one must finish their placement matches before regaining their position, each new Episode resets their rank.

Riot anticipates placing participants in a lower division than their prior rank since it makes the ascent more thrilling.

Valorant Episode 6 Act 1 Will Make RR Gains More Consistent

To force players to earn back their position and demonstrate that they still belong at their previous rank, the soft reset purposefully sets them on the low end of their MMR, typically about three levels below where they last ended. However, Jonathan “EvrMoar” Walker, Senior Competitive Designer on Valorant, stated on Twitter that their rank should now converge to their MMR more quickly.

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When players do well, he said, they will receive greater rewards for a win or less punishment for a defeat. When your rank does not yet equal your MMR during the first games you play in the Episode, this change will apply.

Your RR profits and losses will likewise depend slightly less on the precise round differential of each match throughout the remainder of the Act and slightly more on victories and losses. Now, it should be less common for players to accumulate 12 RR in one game and 20 RR in the following.

Valorant Episode 6
Valorant Episode 6

EvrMoar stated that in the past, round differentials may produce variances of up to 10RR, with each round being worth roughly 1 to 2RR. In the future, RR gains for players whose ranks are distant from their MMR will also depend more on personal performance than round differential.

A player will receive greater compensation for a successful game if their rank is lower than their actual MMR. If a player’s rank is higher than their MMR, they won’t suffer severe punishment if they perform well but lose.

Ranked Rating Based on Wins and Losses

According to the official patch notes for Episode 6, ranked rating gains and losses will be somewhat more influenced by a player’s victories or losses and somewhat less by the round differential of a match.

Riot stated that in the past when the rating was based on the round differential, players would frequently see significant RR gains or losses from match to match. This adjustment will lessen the extreme gains and losses in ranked ratings.

Converging Ranked Rating With MMR

In Episode 6, Riot Games advances the strategy for RR gains. Gains in one’s rated ranking will be increasingly reliant on personal performance. In the event that players have a significant one, this will help them bridge the gap between their rank and MMR.

In an effort to advance in the rankings, Riot discovered that many Valorant players complained about receiving heavy punishments in terrible games. However, many people believed that the prize for a successful competitive match was insufficient.

By using this technique, it will be possible to award players for strong performances even if their rank is lower than their MMR. Similarly to this, a player’s punishment for losing a game with a strong performance will be less severe if their rank rating is higher than their MMR.

MMR and Placements in Episode 6 Act 1

Players must be aware of how placements may impact their MMR as they dive into Episode 6 of the game. Valorant senior competitive designer has outlined the connection between MMR and placements.

A player’s MMR will drop if they throw or play their positions poorly, which will eventually result in lesser RR gains. One’s leaderboard statistics may also suffer greatly from this since one will need to win all the MMR back.

Final Words

The method aims to make the game’s competitive environment fair and equitable for all players. Small adjustments, such as assisting players in narrowing the gaps between their RR and MMR, can greatly aid one in moving up the ranks and receiving better matchmaking in lobbies.

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