Vikings Valhalla Season 2 Ending Explained: What the Ring Means to Godwin?

Vikings Valhalla Season 2 Ending Explained: As Episode 8 of Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 comes to a close, there are deaths, as one would expect. As we look back on the second season, it’s clear that the authors haven’t wavered on this particular storyline, leaving you to wonder if it will be a worthy lead-in to Season 3.

Although Season 2’s dramatic climax leaves the audience wanting more Vikings: Valhalla, there are still plenty of stories to be told.

Vikings Valhalla Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

Olaf queries Jorundr about the location of Jomsborg in Season 2 Episode 8. He discovers that Freydis was a parent. Olaf informs Jorundr that Harekr is a danger and that trading is his current top priority. He vows to make Jorundr the next leader in an effort to persuade him that he poses no threat to Jomsborg.

Freydis notices the arrival of Olaf’s ships at Jomsborg. Freydis gathers her people and explains that she knows Olaf and that she thinks they must remind him that there is still work to be done for God’s cause if they are to live. Freydis and Olaf ultimately cross paths. He requests that the offspring of Harald not be a Pagan.

Olaf is informed by Freydis that she must be killed if he wants to have her child. Jorundr is yelled at by Gudrid, who calls him a traitor. She hands him a covert note from Freydis as she approaches him. Later, Jorundr urges Olaf not to assault, but he is not interested in listening. He must kill the sentinel, according to Jorundr, if he hopes to survive.

Godwin informs Queen Emma in London that Princess Gytha will make up for what she took from him. Emma tells Godwin that she is aware of his true motivations; she thinks he seeks a royal bloodline and that his ultimate objective has always been to wed Princess Gytha, which required devising a scheme to have her murder Aelfwynn.

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Godwin predictably refutes this. But it appears that Godwin planned everything for his own benefit. It’s time for Godwin and Princess Gytha’s wedding. It’s a private affair. Gytha receives a present from Queen Emma that is very important to her. Godwin is embraced into King Canute’s family. Canute then instructs Emma to put her doubts about Godwin behind her.

Gytha and Godwin retire to bed for their nuptial night. She exposes her bare body to him (and the tattoos to remind him that he married a Viking). Godwin notices the Queen’s present, a necklace containing a piece of jewelry that belonged to the Bear, the man who helped raise him and was involved in the assassination plan against Queen Emma.

Vikings Valhalla Season 2 Ending Explained
Vikings Valhalla Season 2 Ending Explained

Godwin wants her to remove it, but she is unable to do so because she made a commitment to do so. Godwin will continuously be reminded of his treachery and the fact that he was ultimately responsible for the Bear’s demise by Emma, who is brutally torturing him. The passengers continue to travel, but Mariam is having health problems.

Mariam spends time with everyone as night falls until she passes away. This is a sad time. She requests that Harald looks after Leif on her behalf. Leif drags her to a quiet location, and Mariam begs him to rejoice for her because it’s a lovely spot to pass away. She hands him the key to her tiny home in Constantinople, telling him it is his and filled with useful items for his voyage.

She passes away in his arms. Leif and his companions conduct Mariam’s burial the following day. Harald then queries Elena as to why she is taking her time in delivering her father’s treasure to the Emperor. Elena is taking her time since she is unsure of what will occur next. They give each other a passionate kiss as a result of their trip together developing sentiments.

A surprising love tale that seemed to have ended quickly begins.

Vikings Valhalla Season 2 Ending Explained

Jomsborg is under attack by Olaf’s army. Jorundr immediately betrays them, although he suffers damage in the process. He requests that one of the Jomsborg men alert the boats to their theft of the sentinel in an effort to deceive Olaf. Then, as he passes away, Jorundr commands one of the soldiers to tell his mother that he is not a traitor.

Freydis is waiting for Olaf on the quay as his boats arrive at the gates. It is strangely silent. As Freydis sneakily introduces chemicals into the water, she is tricking Olaf into falling into a trap. He agrees to a one-on-one with Freydis. Svein, the son of King Canute, is aboard the boat, so she invites him to join them on the pier so he may observe.

Freydis is given one final opportunity by Olaf to receive baptism and eternal life. Are all of his guys baptized, Freydis queries. He states that they are. He responds, “Good because I’ll feel better about this,” says Freydis. She tosses fire into the water, and the ships promptly catch fire, catching Olaf’s soldiers in the flames.

Olaf is now on his own, and Svein will watch while he battles Freydis. Freydis triumphs and she uses a spear to impale Olaf. Olaf tells her she has turned him into a martyr as he is dying. As the cameras shift to the burning ships, Freydis informs him that no one is present to hear his narrative. Svein then begs Freydis to spare him as she approaches. She commands him to stand up.

Emperor Romanos, who has come from Constantinople, is at last introduced to Harald. The treasure quickly piques the Emperor’s curiosity. Then, dressed in a royal robe, Elena exits the Emperor’s tent. Elena was the hidden gem. Elena, the Emperor’s new bride, was being delivered by Harald. Harald is stunned.

Harald is informed by Emperor Romanos that he is in debt to him and is instructed to comply by his men. Elena is informed by Harald in a private conversation that she is now beyond his reach because she is an Empress. Elena assures him that nothing is insurmountable.

Svein greets his mother, Queen Aelfgifu, upon his return to Kattegat. Behind him, Freydis accuses her of returning her son prematurely. Freydis wants peace in return. Peace is promised by Aelfgifu, a vow made between two moms. A woman asks Freydis whether she is The Keeper of the Faith as she departs.

This time, Freydis admits it without disputing it. In order to conclude the second season, the plot completes a circle. Season 2’s finale is dramatic and features a shocking turn of events. There is surely room for a third and final season.

Vikings Valhalla Season 2 Trailer

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