TikTok Grandma Ms. Holla Cause of Death: Beloved Internet Sensation Dies at Age 97

Ms. Holla, who made people laugh on the internet with her charming personality and funny viral videos, died at the age of 97. On Saturday, her granddaughter shared a live video on social media that confirmed the sad news. Grandma Holla’s family member said, “I wanna thank y’all so much for the smiles y’all put on her face.”

“She passed away in her sleep. She went out peacefully . . . what’s really keeping together y’all is she’s not in pain anymore, no more cancer, no more morphine.”

When people on social media heard that the popular internet star who had worked as a special education teacher for part of her life had died, they sent their love and prayers to her family.

One Twitter user wrote, “Ms. Holla passed away. My favorite internet granny. She was a former Special Education teacher for those that don’t know. RIP.”

Another person on Twitter wrote, “TikTok will never be the same without Grandma Holla. The way she would make my whole day everytime I would see one of her vids wit her hilarious personality 🥺🥺 just so sad”

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Ms. Holla, whose real name is Helen Davis and who is also known as “Grandma Holla,” became famous for her blunt comments. The online sensation talked about many things, like celebrity news, relationships, and advice for young people.

In one of her last videos, the TikTok star showed off her famous smile and wished her fans a happy new year. She had many famous fans, including Bianca Del Rio, who won the first season of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

We pray for Ms. holla, the beloved TikTok grandmother, as she passes on. Please express your condolences in the comments area. Follow us only on Lee Daily for more news like this.

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