10 Money-Saving Tips for Streaming Services In UK

Streaming services are especially popular now that there are so many shows and movies available to watch whenever and wherever we want.

Thanks to streaming services like Discovery Plus, Netflix, HULU and whatnot; fans of both reality shows and pure fiction have something great to find escapism in. For instance, if you are wondering what to watch on Discovery Plus UK or any other streaming platform, there are unlimited options.

Although many streaming services such as Prime video, Discovery Plus and Netflix are affordable, people often spend a lot more than they should. There can be ways to reduce the amount of money viewers can save while still receiving good quality content in the UK.

10 Money-Saving Tips for Streaming Services In UK

Money-saving tips for streaming services in UK:

Here are the best money-saving strategies to ensure you get the best streaming experience under the right expense:

Narrow down the streaming services:

How many shows or movies do you watch in a year? Ten? Fifteen? Probably not more if you are employed full time. And how many streaming services have you subscribed to? Three? four?

In such a case, you probably do not use all the streaming services you have subscribed to and to be very honest, there is no need for them.

Maybe you have subscribed for that one show you really love, is it a reality show on Discovery Plus or a new fantasy show on Netflix? Regardless, there is no need to subscribe to these streaming services for a whole year. Considering the fact that only one season is released annually.

Try to minimize the amount of streaming services and only pay for those you actually watch movies or shows on. The best part about streaming services in the UK is that you can unsubscribe to them anytime you want. There is no obligation unless you have subscribed to a yearly offer.

It will not do much but save some amount of money in your pocket. Ofcourse, anytime you want to change your streaming service, the option is always available.

Make use of free trials:

Thankfully, every streaming service, unlike cable, offers a period of free trials to all users and it will be considered a huge waste if you do not try those out and utilize them completely.

It is a great way to save money before spending it on something you may not commit to on a daily basis. On the other hand, it even helps you explore hidden gems in the form of new content, and all for free.

Just make sure to cancel subscription on due time if you are not interested in subscribing, before you extend your free trial period so that you do not get charged.

Consider opting for ad-based subscription:

Some streaming services like Hulu offer ad based subscription meaning you will receive ads in the middle of your streaming services. It may sound annoying at first but it is not a bad deal.

It will cost you less and can still save you extra dollars while providing almost the same experience and quality of content. On the side note, it will also provide you with a necessary break to fold your laundry, do the dishes or grab a snack.

Get rid of Live TV:

How many live events are you fond of watching? Let us guess, not many. Right?

Reason for asking to get rid of Live TV is that many streaming services like Hulu offer Live TV but for double the price, and only for you to watch events like sports or the news occasionally.

Even if you are obsessed with keeping up with the world, you can easily watch news from anywhere, such as a free service. And frankly, newspapers, magazines and even social media does the job perfectly.

If you are into sports, any local website or cable channel will do the job of capturing all the highs and lows of the whole event, including fans’ reactions.

Share subscriptions:

Instead of being the rare friend or cousin who pays for live TV and streams new shows and movies only on the special streaming services like Discovery Plus or Netflix, try sharing subscriptions.

Do not just hand out passwords to anyone who asks, try finding someone who is also willing to pay half of the monthly bill you pay so that you can enjoy whatever you want to watch but at half the price.

Go for standard subscription:

Even though watching movies and TV shows in any corner of the house at the same time sounds like a great plan, it has its repurcussions; extra charge.

With streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu and Discovery Plus, there are many types of subscription packages available and we suggest that if you cherish an extra dollar or two, try subscribing to a standard package with not more than two devices at a time, to cut down that extra charge.

This is a great deal especially if you live alone or are not fond of too much screen time.


To sum up everything stated above, you can try all these tips to save some money for streaming services in the UK.

This way you can watch your favorite content in the best quality and even save some dollars on the side by optimizing your subscriptions according to your preference.

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