The Main Aspects and Tricks of Pumping in Destiny 2 That Will Help You Get to Lightfall

Destiny 2 represents one of the most unique projects in the MMO RPG genre since it contains elements of a shooter and group leveling, which motivates many players to play in groups and squads of different sizes to provide themselves with Destiny 2 boosting to the desired level.

In the project created by the Bungie company, a pumping system is implemented, choosing one of three available heroes with the ability to choose his own development path.

The system does not limit you as part of a group. You can even complete some of the raids alone or in a small group – but the chance of such success will be minimal, especially in zones where you need to perform actions simultaneously to not receive fatal damage from the boss and his guards.

The Main Aspects and Tricks of Pumping in Destiny 2 That Will Help You Get to Lightfall

Choose your character

You need to give preference to your hero in the D2 world to gain access to training, study the game plot and level up in Destiny 2.

There are only three heroes, but each can develop according to different scenarios and with different principles of use.

The whole concept is based on the mechanics of subclasses and special cartridges that you need to select and use for your hero to choose his path of development and D2 leveling.

It could be:

  • Hunter
  • Titan
  • Warlock

The Main Aspects and Tricks of Pumping in Destiny 2 That Will Help You Get to Lightfall


This is a ranged hero, the most frequently chosen character in the Destiny 2 universe. He is distinguished by his signature cape, which symbolizes the contract he has taken. All representatives of the Hunter class are mercenaries, even if they do not follow this path in D2.

Having studied his subclass and using cartridges that will be knocked out of monsters, the hunter can inflict significant damage on opponents with partial disregard for armor, which makes him a very effective class for fighting bosses in raids, PVP mode Trial of Osiris and general D2 leveling by killing monsters, completing quests, completing contracts, or in the general story mode.

Of all the possible subclasses, you can choose the sun – this power is concentrated into specific shots to increase their effectiveness and damage to especially durable enemies. The hunter can quickly deal with bosses, other tanks, and brutal monsters while providing the proper level of cover from his allies.


This is a full-fledged support hero with a high level of defense the ability to fire from a small gun or launch steel fists into battle to cause damage and knock down groups of enemies. He uses a blocking shield to protect allies and keep monsters on him during Destiny 2 boosting, which should help absorb most of the damage from surrounding enemies.

A Titan can choose either lightning or a Stand to choose his subclass to provide himself with various skills and the ability to contribute to the slaying of enemies and monsters.

Lightning adds the ability to inflict periodic damage with the power of this element and, at the same time, will make it possible to even stand on the defensive and hold a shield to protect allies and attack opponents.

The Stand will allow you to use your steel fists more actively and deadly to attack opponents and apply a bleed effect to them, which will deal damage over time and will help speed up your boosting in Destiny 2.

You can even activate the titan’s knockdown strike, which will scatter enemies around, damage them, and apply a bleeding effect.


He is a ranged and mid-range hero who uses magic to enhance his abilities and chooses to evolve between attacking his enemies or helping his allies.

If you choose an attack, you can inflict damage through regular shooting and special cartridges and the skills obtained from choosing the direction in which the hero is strengthened.

If you choose the power of emptiness, all your mass attacks will be enhanced due to the power of intangible energy. All enemies will receive more powerful damage, which is especially important for D2 boosting and group, as well as single pumping.

If you choose a new ability – Stand, you will still deal increased damage during mass attacks, but the principle of the skills will be different.

While Void is simply a boost to all offensive capabilities, stand is a shrapnel effect that hits more targets with high effectiveness.

Leveling up

You can independently choose and regulate the degree of your pumping, depending on what goal you set for yourself.

If your D2 boosting is based on speed and getting to the new Lightfall update as quickly as possible, and you don’t care about the character’s readiness regarding equipment, then you should rely on quests and full-fledged grinding at locations.

If, on the contrary, you want to accumulate as many resources as possible and approach the new update more prepared, then you should pay attention to the raid system and PVP mode Trial of Osiris, in which you can get legendary equipment of various levels, which will significantly increase the overall combat potential of any character and prepare him for the discovery and exploration of new lands and planets.


Use the initial and most effective leveling by completing tasks that will tell you the main plot and tell you the reasons why alien invaders invaded the territory of the earth and all heroes, regardless of choice, are engaged in brutal defensive battles and must not only entirely repel the attack, but also destroy key monsters that affect the entire company and plot.

While completing the main quests, you will learn critical mechanics and explore the world in a way in which, according to the developers from Bungie, you will be able to get the best of the offered content, quickly level up, learn your mechanics and gradually accumulate resources to gradually improve the hero’s attacking and defensive abilities for all mechanics and types of leveling in Destiny 2.


This is a type of leveling in which the player uses his character’s capabilities to hunt in locations and destroy monsters to obtain glimmers and resources until your level exceeds them.

Any hero in Destiny 2 can easily receive a D2 boost in locations. Everything is decided only by whether the player wants to rely on this particular gameplay format, which will seem boring to most players. Still, those gamers who, on the contrary, love a leisurely and stable hunt, on the contrary, they find what they are looking for.

Thanks to grinding, you can gain additional experience and accumulate a lot of ammunition, which will serve you well in many raids and challenging locations where increased damage with elemental power is needed.

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