Legendary Venture Capitalist John Doerr Brings Clarity to Climate Change Solutions

Detecting and having discussions about climate change resolutions represents a huge communication gap. We seek scientists to analyze the issue

By Rahis Saifi 6 Min Read

Due to Atmospheric River Slams Pacific Northwest Schools and Roads Are Closed

Over the last several weeks, atmospheric rivers have produced heavy rain, flooding, and mudslides. The most recent storm, possibly the

By Lee Daily 5 Min Read

Cop26 Updates Developing Countries Point Finger at Rich Overdraft Letter

The United Nations Conference on climate change a.k.a. COP26 is one of the largest summits in history to be held

By Rahis Saifi 5 Min Read

State of Emergency in New Jersey declared by Phill Murphy, the Governor of NJ, last Sunday

The first winter storm of 2021 is about to hit the northern part of the state with an expected snowfall

By Rahis Saifi 3 Min Read