State of Emergency in New Jersey declared by Phill Murphy, the Governor of NJ, last Sunday

The first winter storm of 2021 is about to hit the northern part of the state with an expected snowfall of 2-2.5 feet. This emergency will be effected from today 7:00 PM onwards. You can expect heavy snowfall along with high winds and coastal floods.

It will also affect public transportation, including rail and bus services, except for the Atlantic City rail line. Major highways in the affected areas will be restricted as well. And most of the government offices will be closed due to this. 

In one of his statements, the NJ Governor, Mr Murphy, said, “Heavy snow, coastal flooding, and high winds are expected in many parts of the state. The safety of residents and workers is our utmost priority. Please follow all weather-related guidance and stay off the roads to allow access for emergency personnel.”


As per this statement, the Governor has requested residents to be safe and stay home. So that in case any casualty occurs the staff can act fastly. The government officials also requested to avoid unnecessary roaming on the road and avoid or delay grocery shopping trips or any other household requirements.

This major snowstorm is expected to affect Areas near Morristown and Wantage, with expected snowfall between 12-30 inches per the National Weather Service forecast announced on Sunday afternoon. It will affect the south coastal area. 

Some of the schools have announced closure and switched to e-learning from home. This may also lead to bad road conditions, resulting in unsafe driving situations and power outages. Even if you plan to switch to working from home for your company, make sure to plan it accordingly. 

Many of the Covid vaccination sites will not work due to this snowstorm. This emergency is declared to protect the residents from significant damages. And prevent them from any suffering, hardship, or loss. You can even expect the government officials to request the residents to vacant homes within or near to most affected areas, to protect them.

Final words: – As the state of emergency is declared by Governor Phill Murphy, we suggest you stay home and stay safe. This emergency is declared for your safety and your protection only. Just keep in mind, this too shall pass very soon. We pray to God for the well being of all the residents of New Jersey.