How to Fix Webview Update Issue?

Getting app crashing error messages on the Android Operating system is a common and frustrating issue. But on Monday afternoon, the frustration level of several smartphone users was increased when some essential application like Gmail, Google Chrome, and others started to crash. When users took the issue on Twitter, Google advised them to switch to the desktop client to use Gmail. However, the search giant’s developers’ team frequently updated it with follow-ups on their Workspace Status Dashboard until they fixed every issue.

What is Android System Webview Update?

Android System Webview is the default system component supported by chrome which enables Android apps to show web content.

Android System Webview Update.

For the last 24-hour, android user, mainly Samsung and Xiaomi, were facing issues while using every mobile application in their mobile phones because the Android System Webview update has so many bugs.

How to Fix Android System Webview Issue.

If you are using an old version of Android and experiencing app crashes,

1. Go to Play Store and search Android System WebView
2. Delete the update for the WebView
3. Reboot the device

If the WebView can’t be deleted, enable/disable Chrome in device application settings.

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Final Words

We have mentioned the steps to fix the Android System Webview Issues. Therefore, if you are still facing a problem, then follow the above-mentioned steps to rectify the errors and enjoy your handset as usual.