MobiKwik Denies 8.2 TB Data Breach But Data Allegedly Hacked. Know In Details

As you know, there is no privacy on the internet, as in a snap of a finger, everything can be visible to hackers. And in the past dark web was among the most popular places on the internet where hackers leaked and sold important data of billions of users. Today The same thing happened with MobiKwik.

According to news, hackers have breached almost 8.2 TB of data of 3.5 Million users. And as per the information, breached data contained sensitive details of 11 Crore Indians, which is still available on the Dark web. The users made it a trend on Twitter and asked a valid reason from Mobikwik regarding the breach, the company Denied by saying that they care for their user’s data and can’t leak it in any condition.

Here are some tweets regarding the data breach of Mobikwik news.

This data contains all the personal details like your address, card number, expiry date of the card, even CVV codes. Hence, we advise you to block your card if possible. Otherwise, you set a minimum limit on your domestic spending and turn off all the international transactions, as anyone can do these transactions even without OTP.

How to be safe from this breach?

If you have used MobiKwik, then check that is your card has an international payment service. If yes, then block your card or change your card or account’s international transaction status. If you aren’t taking it seriously, then you may lose all the amount from the account.

We will update the article with the latest information about this breach to stay tuned with us.