Attack On Titan Manga Has Officially Ended

One of the best manga series of all time, “Attack on Titan has officially ended,” the show completed its alluring journey after running for 11 years.

Written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama, Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese) is a post-apocalyptic, dark fantasy manga series. The story revolves around a boy named Eren Yeager, whose town and family were destroyed by the humanoid monsters called Titans. Eren Yeager somehow managed to escape and pledged to take revenge and destroy all the titans.

The manga began serialization in Kodansha’s monthly Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine in September 2009. The manga clinched the attention of millions of manga lovers from every corner of the world soon after its release and created an immense fanbase. After being with us for 11 years and giving us  33 megahit tankōbon volumes, the series finally came to an end on April 9, 2021.

Attack On Titan Manga Has Officially Ended

The news came as a shock to fans, including me. Clearly, we were not ready for that. We want more of it, but unfortunately, friends, it’s time to say goodbye! Everything has to end sometime.  #I will miss you #ErenYeagar.

Attack On Titan Manga

Twitter is already filled with the responses of the fans. The #ThankYouIsayama, #ErenYeagar, and #AttackonTitan are trending globally. 

But wait!

Our journey with ErenYeagar is not over yet. Though the manga is concluded, the anime is still line-up. It will drop somewhere in the winter of 2022. Let’s see how Attack on Titan concluded.

 Attack on Titan: Ending Explained

Chapter 139, the last chapter of the manga, titled Yeager(Toward the Tree on That Hill), has wrapped the story well. Let’s dig into details.

Eren’s Ultimate Fate: The first few pages reveal that Miska is on the grave of Eren, beneath the tree on Paradis Island where he sleeps like a child and talks to him. Suddenly, her scarf slides from her neck, but a bird appears from nowhere and ties it back to her neck. She smiled and said thanks to Erin for wrapping the scarf around her neck. Well, you must be thinking why she thanked Eren instead of Bird? 

The birds are generally used throughout the series as a symbol of freedom that Eren desired for years.

The End Of All Titans:  Eren’s ultimate game was to get rid of the world of Titans. The final chapter disclosed the conversation between him and Armin via the Path on this matter. The manga reads-

 “You did it for the sake of the future you saw using the Attack Titan’s power,” 

Clearly, Armin confirmed that it was about the Rumbling incident, where Erin killed 80 percent of humanity. When Armin asks him whether it was important to go to that extent. Eren showed him a vision of volcanic, primordial land. He revealed to him that Titans’ power would never cease to exist due to Ymir’s love for King Fritz. Though he was brutal to everyone, including her and her parents, she still loved him. Due to her love, he continued to follow his orders and would continue to do so.

Erin further disclosed that though he did not completely understand her, he surely knew she wanted freedom from agonizing love.

Till this point, we thought that the person who got the full power of founding Titan was Erin, but to our surprise, she was Misaka. This is the reason for Yamir’s smile when Misaka decided to kill Eren. This resulted in the liberation of Yamir and, consequently, the destruction of Titan.

 Eren’s friends were thankful to him for giving them the world free of Titan, but non-Indians remained skeptical of them.

The Aftermath Of The Battle Of Heaven And Earth:

The chapter ended with a three-year leap from the Rumbling, also called the ‘Battle of Heaven and Earth. The titans left the world, but the Islanders were petrified about what other people would do in vengeance. The new state named Eldia built its army under the Jeagerist banner. 

Queen Historia wrote a letter To Arin and asked for his help in fighting Eldia. 

Armin, Connie, Annie, Reiner, Jean, and Pieck decided to propose a peace treaty among the Allied Nations’ Ambassadors for Peace Talks. The manga concluded on a hopeful note. We will never find out whether they were able to establish the peace treaty or not.

Final Words

Well, manga has left us to our imagination whether Armin and his friends will achieve their goal of establishing peace across the globe. What does that mean?

 Well, Magazine Editorial Department released a statement which says-

 “Our battle is only getting started!”

It is exciting. Is it the hint that we might get more of the manga in the form of a sequel or spin-off? Well, nothing is officially confirmed so far. So, let’s hope for the best.

What do you think about the ending on AOT? Do you find it satisfying? Do share your views in the comment section. And don’t forget to bookmark our website for similar exciting articles.

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