Real Reason Why Castlevania Season 4 Is Getting Canceled?

I have a piece of heartbreaking news coming straight for the anime fans.

Netflix has canceled their popular anime series Castlevania after season 4.


I am not speculating anything. Variety has confirmed this news.

That is quite sad, isn’t it? But don’t be.

There is also good news to rejoice.

I don’t know the specifics but Netflix is planning to release a new Anime series within the same Castlevania universe.

That is great. Isn’t it?

A brand new series means you get to see brand new characters.

Characters that will surely rule over your heart

Castlevania Season 4 Release Date

I get it.

Castlevania is ending with season 4.

But I guess that is probably why you should know the exact release date and timings of Castlevania season 4.

The thing is just like you even I don’t want to miss a single episode.

I would like to watch it right after Its release.

On May 13, 2021, just like the previous season, Castlevania season 4 will have 10 episodes of 20 to 30 minutes each.

What to expect from Castlevania season 4

Castlevania season 3 had many memorable moments.

Despite all that it ended miserably for some of its main cast members.

And, by the end of Castlevania season 3, there were many loose ends, and as the anime series is coming to its conclusion. I am expecting to see these Loose Ends getting fixed once and for all.

It would be interesting to see:

❓Alucard dealing with increasing distrust of strangers in him. Will he grow MAD? Will he embrace more of his darker side?

❓Hector forging a new army of night creatures for the Council of Sisters.

❓How Issac will manage to kill Hector? Even though he would be able to take his army to Styria using a mirror, it would be a challenge for him to defeat the Council of Sisters.

Castlevania season 4 Teaser Trailer

Here is the small teaser and trailer of Castlevania season 4:

Did you like it?

How was the teaser trailer?

Whichever way it is. Do let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions | Castlevania Season 4

Why Castlevania season anime series is ending with season 4? What’s the REAL REASON?

Well at the moment there is no official reason except that Netflix is planning to release a similar anime series in the same universe.

However, there is one reason that no one is actually considering. Last year, the author and comic book writer wearing Warren Ellis faced allegations of sexual misconduct.

However, he denied all these claims but ever since the news got the media’s attention, he had no further involvement in the Castlevania anime series.

When can I expect to see the new Anime series in the Castlevania universe?

Well, to be frank, I am not sure. At the moment, there isn’t any official announcement about the new anime series out of the Castlevania universe.

But don’t worry stay tuned with us. I will let you know as soon as I have the official wordings.

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Final Thoughts

Even though the Castlevania anime series is ending after Season 4.

It will surely leave a huge void in the heart of anime lovers.

Still, we have a Ray of Hope in the form of a new Anime series within the Castlevania universe.

That is all for now.

How are you expecting the Castlevania Anime series to end?

Do let me know your opinion in the comment section given below.

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