Accel World Season 2 Trailer, Cast, Filming & Release Date Status

Accel World is a Japanese light fiction show composed by Reki Kawahara and represented by HiMA. Accel World is an excellent anime show in the action, fantasy, and sci-fi style. Season 1, including 26 episodes, and 2 OVA episodes, was trendy and a hit. 

After the massive success of season 1, now enthusiasts are anxiously anticipating the next season. In the upcoming season, we would explore how the connection between Kuroyukihime and Haru gets emerged in the tale.  Additionally, we would receive the response to the largest question in our brains, Who invented the Accelerated World? Hence, the sad news for the enthusiasts is that the creators haven’t declared Accel World Season 2.

For animes, the chance of a series depends on many factors like the reference material, prevalence, search for the series. We have examined these portions for Accel World Season 2.  Based on our analysis, here is what we think regarding the occurrence of season 2. Here is everything we know so far regarding Accel World season 2!

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Accel World Season 2 Release Date

Accel World season 1 advertised on April 7, 2012, and completed broadcasting on September 22, 2012. Almost simultaneously, two distinct OVA episodes under Accel World EX were published. Three years following, an anime movie with an original plotline was released on July 23, 2016. Further, Accel World also holds a show named Accel World, released between July 25, 2012, and February 27, 2013.

Yet, despite all these symptoms of substantial interest in the series, a 2nd season of the original series is approved, despite 7 years having passed as its debut.  Because anime series is typically resumed in five years, this is disheartening. Hence, don’t lose all hope, though, as there’s a slim possibility that Accel World might be returned. 

As early as we know regarding the ‘Accel World season 2’ release date, we will update this section. 

Accel World Season 2 Cast

Haruyuki Arita

Haruyuki Arita is the central lead of Accel World. Additionally identified as Haru by his dear buddies, he is a small and overweight guy with quiet self-confidence till he meets Kuroyukihime. 


Kuroyukihime is the director of the Nega Nebulus group. Her actual name is hidden. She is further the senior gathering Vice-President at Umesato Junior High School. 

Takumu Mayuzumi

He is Haru’s youth buddy and Chiyuri’s lover at the beginning of the show, nicknamed “Taku.” Being smart and athletic, he attends a prestigious institution. 

Chiyuri Kurashima

Chiyuri Kurashima is Haru and Takumu’s youth buddy. At the beginning of the show, she is dating Takumu, but after Haru and Takumu acknowledge the Cyan Pile occurrence, they look to have snapped up.

Accel World Season 2 Trailer

No trailer has been revealed for Accel World season 2 yet. We will update this section when we get some official news.

Accel World Season 2 Filming

Filming is not started yet for Accel World season 2. We will update you when filming begins for the upcoming season. 

Accel World Season 2 Plot

Like several anime series, Accel World blends truth and practical truth to produce a pleasant story for its observers. The series rotates throughout a threatened and overweight middle school junior named Haruyuki Arita, who does have the most extraordinary social abilities and discovers solace in playing video games through the internet.

Haruyuki is a reasonably skilled player and brings satisfaction to his gaming abilities. Hence, his life becomes twisted on its head one day when he discovers that a girl named Kuroyukihime, the famous vice-president of the senior assembly, has hit all his vast scores.

Haruyuki is in trouble regarding how Kuroyukihime directed to hit him, but he takes some evidence when she asks him to the students’ room. When Haruyuki faces Kuroyukihime, she introduces him to a plan termed “Brain Burst,” which enables its users to stimulate their mind flows to a point where time looks to stop.

Moreover, Kuroyukihime also says to Haruyuki that Brain Burst is an AR combat game. To receive points to stimulate their minds, users should win fights toward other users. Hence, if a user drops all their points owing to losses towards others, they can not accept the Brain Burst plan ever again.

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Final Words

Here you have all information regarding Accel World season 2. If we get some official news about this, then we will update this post. So, stay tuned with us. If you have any questions and what you think about Accel World season 2, please let us know in the comments below!