The Crown’ Season 6 Trailer Video, Release Date Status, Cast, Plot

The Crown is a traditional comedy streaming TV show regarding the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, produced and mainly composed by Peter Morgan. Season 1 includes Elizabeth’s wedding to Philip and many more things. Season 2 comprises the time from the Suez Crisis in 1956 to the departure of Prime Minister Harold Macmillan. The 3rd season involves Harold Wilson’s being prime minister.

Season 4 traverses 1979 to the beginning 1990s and involves Margaret Thatcher’s security as prime minister. The Crown season5 and season 6 will end the show and include the Queen’s reign into the 21st era. Enthusiasts had worried the 5th season would be the end, but the series producer Peter Morgan declared on 9 July that season 6 is presently on the boards. 

“As we drove to explore the plotlines for season 5, it quickly became obvious that to do justice to the abundance and complexity of the tale, we should move back to the original form and do 6th seasons,” he stated. 

“To be fair, The Crown season 6 will not take us any closer now. It will only allow us to include the equivalent time in greater detail.” Before its release, we need to know everything about The Crown season 6 revealed to date.

The Crown’ Season 6 Release Date

It is unclear precisely when The Crown season 6 will be published on Netflix. Yet, with season 3 having arrived in November 2019, enthusiasts expect November or December 2020 to come to the next chapter. Season 6 will more than probably be advertised in 2022.

The Crown Season 6 Cast

  • The cast of the Crown’ season 6 is as follows:
  • Claire Foy being Queen Elizabeth II
  • Greg Wise will act as Louis
  • Vanessa Kirby being Princess Margaret,
  • Eileen Atkins will play the role of Queen Mary 
  • Matt Smith will play the role of Prince Philip
  • John Lithgow will play the role of Winston Churchill 
  • Jeremy Northam being Anthony Eden 
  • Victoria Hamilton will play the role of Queen Elizabeth 
  • Derek Jacobi will act as Duke of Windsor
  • Ben Daniels being Earl of Snowdon
  • Ben Miles being Peter Townsend 
  • Alex Jennings being Prince Edward
  • Jason Watkins will play the role of Harold Wilson. 
  • Charles Dance will act as Earl Mountbatten of Burma
  • Jared Harris being King George VI 
  • Anton Lesser being Harold Macmillan 
  • Matthew Goode will act as Antony Armstrong-Jones 


The Crown Season 6 Filming

Shooting for season 4 bound before the UK moved into lockdown in March 2020. While season 4 is set for broadcast this year, seasons 5 and 6 still begin shooting.


There is no trailer for season 6 of The Crown is revealed yet. When we get some official news regarding this, we will update this section!

The Crown Season 6 Plot

Season 6 will bring the tale of the British government up to the beginning 2000s. Till the day, every episode of The Crown has crossed almost a decade. “The Crown keeps lifting the bar with every brand-new season. 

We can’t pause for fans to view the forthcoming season 4, and we are happy to assist Peter’s idea and the extraordinary cast and team for a 6th and last season,” Cindy Holland, Netflix vice director of unique content, announced in a narrative.

Season 4 is supposed to start in the late ’70s and end throughout 1990. Seasons 5 and 6 are considered to include the latter decade of the era, taking about multiple variations for the grand family. 

It viewed the failure of three of the Queen’s kid’s weddings:

  • The disconnection between Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew
  • Divorce of Queen Anne’s and Mark Phillips
  • King Charles and Queen Diana’s breakup in 1996

While several had considered that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex might highlight in the show, the action will end at the start of the 21st era.

Final Words

It is all about the Crown we know so far. The story of The Crown web series seems quite interesting. So, don’t forget to watch its previous seasons and trailers. What do you think about the upcoming 5th and 6th seasons? Tell us in the comments! Stay tuned with us for further updates!


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