Yasuke Season 2 Trailer Video, Release Date Status, Cast, Plot

Yasuke is a real net fictional anime show loosely related to the traditional design of the identical title. Season 1 of the ‘Yasuke’ fiction show was a tremendous success, with the tale regarding the soldier of the exact name winning the hearts and souls of enthusiasts worldwide. 

There were 6 episodes in season 1 of the Netflix series, and presently enthusiasts are excited for a ‘Yasuke’ season 2. Here is everything we know so far regarding its next season.

Yasuke Season 2 Release Date

Yasuke Season 2 announcement might take some time as the show is not renewed. Let’s hope it will be resumed soon, and also though it is returned, the release will take greater than anticipated. Because the creation of fiction show usually needs a lot of time.

According to some references, you can anticipate the release of season 2 by 2022. Hence, it is not approved by the producers. To acknowledge the actual release date of Yasuke Season 2, we have to wait for the notification.

Yasuke Season 2 Cast

The cast of Yasuke season 2 is as follows:

  • Yasuke voiced by Jun Soejima
  • Haruto voiced by Shunsuke Kubozuka
  • Saki voiced by Kiko Tamura 
  • Ahuja voiced by Kenji Kitamura 
  • Ichika voiced by Rie Tanaka 
  • Morisuke sounded by Yu Kamio
  • Nikita sounded by Hiroki Nanami 
  • Oda Nobunaga sounded by Takehiro Hira
  • Yami no Daimyō sounded by Yoshiko Sakakibara
  • Natsumaru sounded by Fusako Urabe
  • Ishikawa voiced by Eri Kitamura 
  • Abraham sounded by Shigeru Ushiyama

Yasuke Season 2 Trailer

There is no trailer disclosed for Yasuke season 2. We will update this section when we get some official news about this. For now, you can watch Yasuke season 1 trailer and episodes and guess the story of the series.

Yasuke Season 2 Plot

Season 1 of “Yasuke” fixes up several storylines to be examined in brand-new chapters. Yasuke, fortunately, preserves Saki and protects her from the Daimyo, who needs her powers. 

Although it seems that everything’s under the handle, Saki is threatened by the Daimyo that her skills will proceed to develop. Presently she will be powerless to manage them, with the single purpose being to get more power and wreak damage. 

Yasuke drops Saki protected in her village, but this dark prediction could be divining different conferences between the two actors when they’re maturer when Saki’s energy is out of handle. Yasuke must suspend her.

A different storyline that could be developed is highlighted in the finale’s office credits view. Yasuke moves about the sword of an ancient fellow called Natsumaru, who was ordered to kill on the arena. 

He eventually gets Natsumaru’s brother to present his sister’s weapon to him, but he doesn’t show his personal engagement in her death. The brother may probably become a more crucial role in the prospect, discovering the trustworthiness and running after Yasuke, or the view could be some much-required conclusion for Yasuke and Natsumaru.

Yasuke-Season-2, Yasuke

The series brings Yasuke’s fiction after the real traditional pattern went into separation when very little is understood regarding what occurred to him. 

Because of this, the editors can actually go everywhere with the cast. With the friendly world built in season 1, the opportunities are limitless for “Yasuke” Season 2.

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Final Words

It is all about Yasuke season 2 that you must know. When we get some further news regarding the upcoming season, then we will definitely inform you. What do you think about the storyline of Yasuke season 2? Please tell us in the comments below! Thank you for your time! Stay updated with us for such latest news!

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