White Woman Accused Of Forcing Black Daughter Into Surgery, Treatments

Leaders told a white woman in Washington State took her 6-year-old fostered daughter to feel useless operation and more than 470 medicinal therapies. Sophie Hartman, 31, used leg support to her fostered girl and had to go below the knife for the operation to inject a feeding pipe and a tube to eject the baby’s organs.

Hartman is presently suffering from 2nd-degree credits of assault and tried an attack on a baby, in a matter medical authorities are calling “medical kid abuse.”

“It is not important to understand the possible motive of the caregiver, just the result of the action,” composed Dr. Rebecca Wister, leader of Seattle Children’s Hospital, in a February 19 report. 

The report, which said that the kid was in “serious danger,” was co-employed by other doctors and was a member of a charging report from the King County Prosecutor’s Office, uploaded by King 15 ABC.

Hartmann was claimed to have led the kid by first CH, accompanied by a 16-day search for various diseases and therapies. “At no time throughout her admission did she have any conclusions or related signs to promote any previous investigation,” the charging record, Filed May 24, said.


“All possible proof received through her admission implies that CH is a fine modern 6-year-old who will proceed to profit from reduced therapeutic care and generalization of her teen’s life.”

The kid was taken into “frequently invasive” methods with a medical implant of a pipe in July 2017 to deliver food, liquid, and medication immediately to the stomach. In December 2018, a pipe was surgically installed in her guts to reject her organs.

Prosecutors told the kid’s adopted mom was asking for a medical, hormonal implant to overcome the start of youth.

According to selling records, Hartman was told the kid was separated from her concern in March, did not require leg support or wheelchairs, but she proceeded to drive CH to use them.

“In extension, fundraising was produced throughout this time, and the defense used fundraising supplies to buy a wheelchair-friendly transportation,” the report said.

While all this was working on, he supposedly said someone that CH “could transmit us anytime,” and analysts told they got following a government order that Hartman had made internet research that involved “cremation songs” and “How to get funded to care” involved. A member of the family who is disabled. “

In a 2019 meeting with King 5, Hartmann said that she had fostered two siblings from Zambia and told that one had a unique neurological disease identified as Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood (AHC).

“I understand she’s only touring, but she was paralyzed all day recently,” Hartman said at the time. A desire was provided to the kid by the Make-A-Wish Foundation in 2019, Q13 Granthshala listed. In a video with the organization, Hartman explains the influence of AHCs.

In a report presented to Q13, Make a Wish said that it is dissatisfied with the charges. “This is a serious charge, and no warning to the health of a kid is in line with the child-focused center of our purpose,” the report stated.

“We believe that this subject will be fixed quickly in the best moments of the kid.” Hartman’s attorney stated in a statement to King that the accusations were wrong.

According to the service, Shapiro stated, “The physicians at Seattle Children’s Hospital who are not specialists in the condition are mostly after the accusations in the matter.” “He apparently has limited or no knowledge about the disease.”

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