Call of Duty Online Is Shutting Down

Tencent has declared that it will close the free-to-play shooting game, Call Of Duty Online, in August 2021. The announcement came from investigator Daniel Ahmad who posted on Twitter on May 31 regarding Tencent’s plan to shut the game.

Call Of Duty Online originated in January 2015 and can be played only in China. The free-to-play shooting game combines parts of the Call Of Duty series, reapplying gifts from Call Of Duty: Ghosts, Black, Ops, and Advanced Warfare.

Based on the original statement, Call Of Duty Online players can play until the game closes on August 31. Tencent will further pay Online members by giving free things in Call Of Duty: Mobile.

Tencent offered the prizes on a tier method covered by ‘level, debt and project status.’ Players who have consumed and played more in Call Of Duty Online will be fit for more fantastic prizes.

Call Of Duty: Mobile is Activision’s another free-to-play mobile shooting game. Activision published Mobile internationally in 2019. Hence, the developer paused the Chinese launch till December of the previous year.

Call Of Duty: Mobile highlights different maps, weaponry, and assets from the Call Of Duty game. Since May 2021, Mobile had been downloaded by above 500 million users and had produced higher than $1billion profits.

Call of Duty

Many job listings found the previous month suggested Activision could be running on a mobile port of Call Of Duty: Warzone.

Call Of Duty: Mobile has a Battle Royale form in which 100 players can play the game. Hence, a mobile port of Call Of Duty: Warzone would enable players to fight in conflicts with 200 players.

Hence, Twitch informed streamers this week that further DMCA plays takedowns could be happening quickly.

Twitch forwarded an email to streamers revealing that it assumes music journalists are using automatic means to get stream content with copyrighted content and that “all rights are for VODs.”

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Final Words

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