Re: Zero seasons 3 -Release Date Status, Cast, plot, and updates

Here, you will find out all the updates regarding Re: Zero Season 3 On March 24, 2021, the second season of “Re: Zero- Starting Life in Another World” was wrapped and got high ranking with the love by the anime fans. Now they are waiting for the Re: Zero seasons 3 to experience more thriller, love, comedy, and fear.

“Re: Zero- Starting Life in Another World” is a Japanese light novel series, which is written by Tappei Nagatsuki and illustrated by Sinichirou Otsuka. This series has two seasons containing 50 episodes in total, 25 each. Its first release was as an Isekai anime but also adapted by the Manga Adaptation, a widely known anime adaptation in 2016.

By following the high ranking and popularity of the Re: Zero Season 2, fans want to know whether there will be a third season or not. Stay tuned here, I will let you know about the new updates.

Overview of Re: Zero– Starting Life in Another World

For the White fox Studio, Re Zero is like a piece of gold, because of its increasing popularity and fans. In this series, the story revolves around Subaru, a teen boy, and Emilia, a half-elf who wants to be the 42nd King of the Dragon Kingdom of Legnica.

At the start of the series, Subaru went to the grocery shop to buy groceries and was suddenly transported into the alternate fantasy world. Later on, he noted the powers of going back to time after death, at the point where his story has started. He uses this technique several times to save Emilia from danger and death. The amazing part is that whenever he died, he always felt the toughness and actual pain of dying and didn’t assume it easier like the power of a hero.

However, Emilia has her own enemies, like humans who are scared of her, the people from which she is contesting, and Witch’s Cult. Subaru always protects her from all the problems especially from the Witch’s Cult by availing all of his powers.

Re: Zero Season 3: Voice Cast

White Fox didn’t officially announce the Re: Zero Season 3 yet so we didn’t get any updates about the cast as well, but hopefully the main characters and their voiceovers will remain the same in the next season.

  •         Subaru voiced by Yûsuke Kobayashi in Japanese and Sean Chiplock in English
  •         Emilia voiced by Rie Takahashi Japanese and Kayli Mills in English
  •         Ram voiced by Rie Murakawa Japanese and Ryan Bartley in English
  •         Rem voiced by Inori Minase Japanese and Brianna Knickerbocker in English

It is assumed that the story will take special turns by adding new cast members to the series because fans are wishing to hear the new voices of fresh members. Now, they just have to wait and see if that happens or not.

Re: Zero Season 3 Animation

Re: Zero anime series are proceeding from Studio White Fox, so we can surely say that the animation is of top quality. This series includes more mysteries than any other anime series that make it unique and increase the excitement level of the viewers. The scenes, characters, expressions are outclassed in the first and second seasons.

Hopefully, the next season will also be animated by White Fox studio, if it happens then excellent animation is guaranteed.

Re Zero-seasons-3
Re Zero-seasons-3

How can we figure out the probability of the announcement of Re: Zero Season 3?

As it is known that we didn’t get the words about season 3 of Re: Zero yet. In the past few years, I examined a lot of anime series to know the techniques for determining the sequels of the series. And I end up knowing the following techniques:

  • Source Material

The chances of the sequel based on the availability of source material, for the next series. The sequel “No Game No Life Season 2”, didn’t come to production, because there is no source content left for it but Re: Zero Season 3, we have source material in the form of 26 volumes of light novels. So production of a new sequel will not be impractical.

  • Sales and Profit

The sequel of the series depends upon the profit that the organization will earn from the series. If the last season made a profit then it will be renewed for the sequel. In the case of “Re: Zero“, it always ranked high and was the source of good earnings. However, the producers can get more profit from its sequel.

So, by the above facts, we can say the Re: Zero Season 3 is in demand and will be released soon.

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Re: Zero Season 2: Release Date

The story of Season 2 needs a lot to explain about Satella and Witch’s Cult. However, the relationship between Satella and Emilia is also not clear yet. Fans are waiting for the answers to a lot of questions that can be solved in season 3 so we will get green-lit for season 3 soon.

The second season of Re: Zero is just wrapped in March 2021, so it is too early for expecting a new season but if we assume, we can say that the last season came after four years of the 1st season. Thus, season 3 will be aired between 2022-2024.

It means that fans should have to wait for more thrillers, mysteries, and fantasy.

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