Black Summer Season 3: Will It Get Renewed?

It was in April 2019 when Netflix released the 1st season of the Canadian television series Black Summer. Then after a big surge in its demand, Netflix renewed the tv series for the second season in November 2019. Now, it was on June 17, 2021, when 8 episodes of Black Summer season 2 were released on Netflix. Ever since its release, fans have already started speculating about Black Summer Season 2.

So, going ahead in this post, I’ll share…

Whether Black Summer is renewed for the 3rd season.

What happened by the end of Black Summer Season 2.

And if Black Summer gets renewed for 3rd season, what can you expect from it.

Let’s get started:

Will Black Summer Renew for the 3rd Season?

Renewal Status: PENDING

It’s been just a day or two since the Black Summer Season has gone live & you’re talking about its renewal just a day after.

With the IMDB ratings of 6.4, you can’t expect the show to get renewed right after (Or even before) the release. You see, the decision to renew the show for 3rd season comes down to…

✅The viewership the show has attained.

✅How many viewers have been retained from the First Season?

✅And how many users(New & Old) have subscribed to Netflix for watching Black Summer Season 2.

If I’ve to assume, then by looking at the kind of attention & appreciation the show received from fans, you can expect Black Summer to get renewed for another season.

What Happened in Black Summer Season 2?

Black Summer Season 2 had 8 episodes & most of the episodes were heavily focused on Anna, Rose & others looking into the origins of the mysterious plane that’s been dropping supplies.

Few episodes in the show, Ray Nazer’s crew attacked the group of Anna, Rose, Spears & Sun. Thereby, getting separated from each other for a few months.

Their struggles didn’t end there. When Winter arrived, the group found it even harder to find supplies. Hence, causing unnecessary tension, conflicts & deaths.

Black Summer Season 3 Possible Expectations

The way Black Summer Season 2 has ended, the show has left many possible expectations, especially in the final moments.

Even though Black Summer Season 3 isn’t confirmed yet if it releases sometime in the future, I’m expecting it to answer the following questions:

Black Summer Season 3
Black Summer Season 3

Will Rose Survive?

During her confrontation with Ray, she used the flare gun to destroy the fuel barrels. However, in the process, she ended up injuring her leg.

Now unable to board the plane herself, what would be anna’s next move? Will she save Rose considering the fact how the latter left Spears to die.

Will Mance & Ray join Anna & Rose?

The explosion caused by the explosion of fuel barrels has severely injured Ray as compared to Rose. His chances of survival look negligible. Still, if Mance joins anna then he could be of great help in saving both Ray & Rose.

Where is the plane taking SUN?

Out of all the survivors in the series, it was SUN who made it alive into the plane. Despite a major conversation with the pilot, it’s still unclear where he’s taking the plane.


All in all, Black Summer is still one of the coolest zombie show around. It tells the unnerving tale of survival amidst a Zombie Apocalypse.

Well, looking at the positive response Black Summer Season 2 is getting, I’m highly optimistic to see Black Summer Season 3.

That’s all for now.

What are your thoughts on Black Summer Season 3?

Will it get renewed? OR

Netflix will cancel the show? Whatever your views are, do let me know in the comments section given below.

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