Spirited Away 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, trailer

Are you also a fan of Spirited Away 2 and have heard rumors that Ghibli Studio is planning to renew Spirited Away for Season 2 then? This article is sure of your interest. Spirited Away is one of the best anime of all time. With the latest rumors of Spirited Away 2 creating rounds, all the fans have certain questions in their mind. Spirited Away is an Oscar-winning masterpiece which is a fantasy anime movie that was released in 2002. It was written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki and is recognized as the best creations of Studio Ghibli. The storyline follows the adventures and obstacles of a 10-year-old girl Chihiro in the spirit world.

It is a great budget film that generated a gross revue of $305 million and is one of the most successful Japanese animated movies till surpassed by Demon Slayer. The movie has also won numerous awards from reputable organizations. Due to so much love from the fans, all of them are waiting for the announcement of Spirited Away 2. Here are the updates so far we know about its release date, cast, plot, and trailer.

Release Date

There are rumors all over the internet that Spirited Away 2 will hit the screens very soon. Nevertheless, Studio Ghibli has not made any official announcement from their side for a sequel so far. Even though the film wraps up completely, fans still expect the sequel to be one of the greatest blockbusters.

Going by the history of Studio Ghibli, they only create masterpieces. Also, they have never created any sequels, no matter how big the movie has performed. So there are very fewer chances that Spirited Away 2 will be released in the market.


The creators of Spirited Away 2 have not revealed the cast for the sequel till now. But if a sequel is released you will meet protagonists for sure which will include:

  • Chihiro voiced by Rumi Hiiragi (Japanese) and Daveigh Chase (English)
  • Haku voiced by Miyu Irino (Japanese) and Jason  Marsden (English)

We might also get a chance to see new characters as well. According to the new storyline, the makers might introduce new characters in the story to spice up the plot story.


The Story Spirited Away revolves around two protagonists one is a ten-year-old girl Chihiro and a boy Haku who was a river spirit. In the first season, we sat how Chihiro landed in the world of spirits with her parents and how Haku warned her to return as soon as possible. But even before she realized the issue, she and her parents got trapped in the spirit world. Her parents are now converted into pigs, and to liberate them,  she took a job under a witch who used to run a bathhouse.

Spirited Away 2
Spirited Away 2

Ultimately, Haku and Sen were able to transform their parents from pigs to humans again. Along with that, Sen and her parents also left the spirit world and went back to their world. In the finale episode, we saw Haku told Sen to meet in the future.  In the upcoming sequel Spirited Away two, we hope to see a storyline of brimming romance between Haku and Sen along with crazy magical adventures in the second installment, if they will ever make it.


The main showrunners or officials of the Spirited Away 2 have not renewed the series yet. Therefore you cannot expect a trailer anytime soon for now. However, you will find some fake trailers available on youtube, but it will be best if you do not get deceived by them. Once any latest leads for Spirited Away 2 come out, we will update here defiantly. Until then, stay updated by following the article on our website. 


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