John Wick 4: What to Expect From It?

A movie franchise that started with the death of a dog, John Wick is all set to return in theaters with Chapter 4 but not this year.

In the past 3 films, the assassin known as Baba Yaga has survived stabbings, torture, bullets, car crashes & whatnot but couldn’t get past the COVID-19 pandemic.

Immediately after the successful premiere of John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, the 4th chapter in the franchise was announced to release on May 21, 2021.

However, that didn’t happen because of the COVID-19 pandemic situation the last year. Now that the vaccination is in full flow in the USA, the production of John Wick 4 has once again kick-started as the next scheduled release is projected for May 2022.

I know there’s almost a year left in the release. And before that, you can learn a lot of new stuff about it.

John Wick 4 Plot Prediction

If you’ve watched John Wick 3, then you might already remember Wick going away from New York after High Table declared him “excommunicado”. With killers & ninjas hunting for Wick, he embarks on a journey for justification from the Leader of Council.

In the final moments of the movie, we saw John Wick getting betrayed by his longtime friend Winston as he shot down Wick in his chest. John Wick falls off the roof & at the last minute, he got saved by a master assassin Bowery King.

Even though it all started with Reeves avenging his dog, over the course of 2 more chapters, the plot has taken a U-turn.

If you look in the past, the 2nd part ended up on a cliffhanger and the 3rd part followed it up. Now that the same has happened with at the end of 3rd part, you can expect John Wick 4 to follow from it left off.

Now, in the next part, you can expect John & Bowery King going up against the High Table, and finally, after 3 chapters fans might get to see Wick as a covert assassin.

With Bowery King & John Wick together, imagine the body count by yourself. At the moment, no one can confirm this hypothesis but once the official synopsis is released, you’ll get what I’m trying to say here.

Who is returning for Chapter 4?

Officially, Keanu Reeves is the only star whose presence is confirmed in the film. But looking at some of the important roles in John Wick Chapter 3, you can expect McShane and Fishburne to return for the sake of plot justification.

Along with them expect Lance Reddick’s Charon — the Continental concierge in the upcoming film as a supporting cast.

Who is Joining the Cast?

The biggest name who has been confirmed to join the cast is Martial Arts legend, Donnie Yen.

In case you don’t know Yen is an international superstar who has worked as a lead in the IP Man movie series & recently he appeared in Star Wars: Rogue One as a Blind Monk.

In the upcoming John Wick Film, he’ll be returning as “old friend” of Wick. However, the nature of their friendship is not yet known. But we’ll find out when John Wick 4 trailer releases officially.


Previously in the movie series, he has faced off against many martial artists such as Dacascos and his Man of Tai Chi star Tiger Chen along with Arif Rahman & Yayan Ruhian.

Final Words

Unofficially, John Wick Chapter 4 & Chapter 5 were supposed to get filmed together but because of the covid-19 outbreak that couldn’t happen.

In the meanwhile, the studio agreed to bring in a new director for the 5th part of the movie series.

Talking about change, Starz is likely to move in the direction of a spin-off series The Continental, where you can expect to explore the history of assassin society & McShane’s duplicitous hotelier.

That’s all for now.

If you’re a big fan of John Wick 4 then you need to be on the edge as there’s a lot of things that are yet to come in the John Wick Movie Franchise.


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