Twitter Reacts to Queen Latifah’s Public Declaration For Her Partner and Son During BET Awards

Dana Elaine Owens popularly known as Queen Latifah, an American singer, lyricist, actor and producer received Lifetime Achievement Award in the 21st BET Awards that took place on June 27, 2021.

The theme of this year was “The Year of the Black Women”. The awards are widely held to celebrate the achievements of entertainment and music. Following the theme our beloved Queen Latifah won the prestigious lifetime achievement award.

This year she finally addressed her long questioned sexuality during her acceptance speech. “Ebony, my love”, she said while touching her heart in salute to her longtime partner. “Rebel, my love”, she acknowledged their son that they welcomed in 2019.

“Peace- Happy Pride!” Queen Latifah exclaimed.

Queen Latifah has always been quiet about her sexuality and never answers to public opinion regarding her personal life.

“I don’t have a problem discussing the topic of somebody being gay but I do have a problem discussing my personal life.” Latifah told the New York Times in 2008.

She also added that she does not feel the need to share her personal life and she doesn’t care what people think about her being gay.

“Assume whatever you want, you do it anyway.”-She added.

Early Life of Queen Latifah

She has also been the winner of the Grammy Awards and this was the first time that she has done a public declaration about her personal life.

The queen has always been under several enquiries into her sexuality since she first popped out in pop culture with her classic Hip Hop track Ladies First in 1989. Born in New Jersey and musician turned Golden Globes Winner has always refused to answer any question about her homosexuality.

The equaliser star also commented, “You don’t get that part of me and I don’t feel like I need to share my personal life.”

Her partner Ebony Nicholas is a former Los Angeles Lakers girl dancer now works as a professional choreographer in major Hollywood productions. She has worked in the feature film Girls Trip and Fresh off the Boat. They met on the set of Dancing with the Stars in 2019 but never embarked any comments on their ultra private relationship until 2013. In 2015 when they were reported smiling in their bikinis on the beaches of Brazil. A rumor circulated that they had gotten married in 2017 but they have never officially confirmed their engagement. For several years people have celebrated their love on Twitter but this is the first time Queen Latifah has publicly spoken anything about her personal life.

This year best award was one for the queer history books as Queen Latifah publicly wished everyone Pride.

Speech of Queen After winning the Award

“I wanted to celebrate us because I know together we stand stronger than when we take each other part and I have seen enough of that.”- said Queen Latifah in her speech when she spoke about all the women and the fellow female rappers in the industry who have supported her throughout many years of their iconic carrier. “So, respect to all the female MCs on the stage tonight.” she added.

This public acknowledgment

Queen Latifah
Queen Latifah

by Queen Latifah is a short and sweet moment but it had impacted many queer viewers who were tuned into the ceremony and loved to see the special kind of love on the display.


Twitter celebrated this announcement by Queen Latifah as it was flooded with multiple tweets from USA female and queer community.

Mckensie Mack tweeted, “Queen Latifah expressing her love for her partner and wishing us all a happy bride as she accepted her lifetime achievement award to night had made me emotional so many black with kids watching the show tonight are being so affirmed by our people.”

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“I have been out for a minute but to hear Queen Latifah shoutout to her partner and their child tonight in her speech really touched me. Whew! also with Lil Nas X’s & Jazmine Sullivan’s performances BET Awards went a little beyond the usual surface acknowledgement of black LGBTQ folks.”- tweeted Jasmin H.

And like this many fans and the queer community celebrated Latifah’s win.


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