Philippines C-130 Military
Philippines C-130 Military

Philippines C-130 Military Plane Crashes, Updated News

The Philippines orders a notable investigation just after a significant and prominent military plane crash kills 50 people. The C-130 military plane was flying troops from Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao, to Sulu province when it misjudged the runway on the island of Jolo. At 11:30 a.m. local time on Sunday, the plane conveying 96 army members and crew collapsed into adjacent Patikul village (11:30 p.m. ET). 

This is the deadliest military air accident in the country in over 30 years. The region where the disaster occurred is host to one of the Philippines military’s most extensive facilities.

The jet was bringing soldiers from the southern city of Cagayan de Oro to Sulu, many of whom had recently completed basic training.

They were expected to join them in their anti-terrorist campaign.

Investigation into the matter

According to the major general Edgard, they are all determined to learn the truth about what happened in this unfortunate occurrence, because all available evidence indicates that the plane followed the prescribed procedures.

Officials stated there was no evidence the plane was shot down by rebel groups.

“We guarantee our people that we are transparent, and the results of the investigation (will be) made accessible when completed,” Arevalo said, adding that the flight recorders were still being sought.

Casualty reported as of now

The three pilots were one of those who rescued the collision, but they were in critical condition, according to the military.

The Lockheed C-130’s occupants hopped out seconds before the jet crashed and exploded into flames.

The Department of National Defence announced that three people on the ground were killed and four were injured in the fiery crash, which killed 49 soldiers, or the number could be 50. Dozens of people were injured. 

Condition of the plane C-130

Delfin Lorenzana, the Secretary of Defense, announced that an investigation into the matter had been initiated, and that it would begin after the rescue and recovery operations were concluded. The military initially released photos of the cargo plane’s tail part. The plane’s remaining bits were destroyed or strewn around in a clearing surrounded by coconut trees. Soldiers and other rescuers were spotted racing into and out of the smoke-engulfed crash site with stretchers. According to the website, the plane that crashed first flew in 1988. For armed forces throughout the world, the model is a workhorse.

Philippines C-130 Military
Philippines C-130 Military

The jet was in “excellent form,” according to a military spokesman, and had 11,000 hours of flight time until its next scheduled repair, according to Reuters. The plane was one of two ex-US Air Force planes sent to the Philippines this year as part of military aid. The C-130 is one of the Philippine Air Force’s most recent acquisitions. 

Condolences from all over the world

As the tragedy took place, condolences started to pour. There is nothing as heartbreaking as seeing human lives being succumbed to such a catastrophe. Many outer country people tweeted with their support and prayers for the lives lost in the crash. Turkish foreign ministry extended condolences over the loss of lives in the Philippine military plane crash- We share the sorrow of friendly people, the Government of the Philippines. Putin has also shared his feelings. His Highness Amir Sheikh of Kuwait kingdom sent a cable to the PH President. It stated wishing mercy for the deceased and speedy recovery for the injured. 

Condolences have also come from the much anticipated White House- National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan stated that the US stands “shoulder to shoulder” with its Philippine ally and pledged to assist the government’s response efforts.

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