Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 XL Names Updated by Google

Google is expected to release at least two new flagship Pixels this year, and a new leak from the company may reveal their names. The Pixel 6 is coming, we know, and we know that it will already be offered in a standard and “Pro” version in two different versions. It’s been widely assumed that Google is diverting from its usual “xl” brand name for the larger pixel for a lengthy moment. Instead, this year the company will be using a Pixel 6 “Pro” model. Another indication is the recent mention of both phones.

We’ve seen the design, heard high-quality information, heard some of the new internals, and are still learning more about their Software Android 12, and every so often, kudos to Google itself; you know, snippets of the smartphone. 

Although we know a great deal about the Pixel phones that will be launched this year, their very names have only been fanciful. An additional dilemma was recently mentioned by Google.

 Google’s ‘Oops’ moment

In an official Android developer form, Google recently unintentionally stated “Pixel 6” and “Pixel 6 XL.” There was a question on the form in which the examples were “Pixel 6” and “Pixel 6 XL.” The responses to both labels were promptly removed, but not before some developers found it out. The question was intended for developers of devices they wanted to see optimisations on game mode. The Google Forms questionnaire for game developers was one of Google’s new Android 12 Game Mode announcements that bring device-specific optimisations for specific games.

Google is due to premiere this year’s Pixel 6 series. High-end pixel reports suggest the pixel 6 Pro is launched. It could not be the case, however. Google launched its 2021 Game Developer Summit, which introduced new tools for developers of Android games. The company also published some developer documentation for the new APIs, described as interference with game mode. It will permit OEMs to optimise the game. 

Features of the new google pixel 6

The Google chip is said to be as strong as the Snapdragon 870 soC, according to previous reports.

The Top-Exit model features an ultra-wide 50MP, 12MP, and a 48MP telephoto camera on the back of the three-camera setup. There are unknown details about the optical zooming capacity. Within the hole-punch cutout, the device is fitted with a 12MP front camera.

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Shall the rumours be believed?

While rumours have suggested that Google’s 2021 phones will be called the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, there are a few explanations why this may not be the case. In the real world, the company has used XL for its bigger and stronger phones. It lasted from the Pixel (2016) to the Pixel 4 and 4 XL in 2019. Having returned to the XL phraseology after ditching an XL phone in 2020 would be logical for a company looking to make a triumphant return to the flagship market. 


While many of the best Android phones include “Pro” models, Google has been the only one to zig where others zag, for better or worse. It’s also worth noting that rumours about minor marketing details like names may not come true as companies market new names.

If Google’s previous events are any indication, we’ll find out what the Pixel 6 series is called by October, whether it’s Pro, XL, Pro Plus, or Plus Ultra.

Although this “spill” does not verify its name (plenty believe the bigger design would be called the “pro” Pixel 6), it is indeed fun to see Google so innocently recognise its next devices. That might, of course, be a Freudian slip and anyone Googler who has written that form might have written “Pixel 4” and “Pixel 4 XL” instead (there’s, all in all, no Pixel 5 XL).

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