WhatsApp Latest Update: Multi-Device Connect and More 

Quite, ultimately, here it is. WhatsApp has unexpectedly announced the availability of its hottest update in five years. This is the moment we’ve just been hoping for—a true deal-breaker for the messaging titan’s 2 billion users worldwide.

But wait! We aren’t talking about just one update here. I mean, there’s not just one update; hold one, there are holy three updates- to be released and announced all at once! 

Lately, whats app was riding on a trainwreck. It entered 2021 to combat objections of information gathering thrown given the confidentiality tags of Apple and then was unduly influenced by a user’s reaction to upgrade its service terms and, inexplicably, to give more information with Facebook.

But eventually, for good, WhatsApp has restored consumer trust in the channel over the recent months. And it has been possibly the best done. Several data security initiatives aimed at end-to-end encryption emphasised that nobody can reach user information either with WhatsApp or Facebook.

And now, quite saliently, WhatsApp mended functionality holes frantically. We have seen messages that have disappeared and then a useful media update, “View once.” We have seen some alterations in connection with links and media treatment. Everything is good, but nothing compared to the stuff finally disclosed – access to multiple devices and two new more updates. Let’s have a quick go through. 

What are the new WhatsApp updates?

WhatsApp published the latest beta update,, that includes a new call interface and a new group call function. When using the Apple iOS beta messaging app to make or take a call, people will now get a new user layout. 

The new interface appears to be very identical to that of Apple’s Facetime software. The new UI makes it easier for consumers to identify the choir their seeking choices during a call. A Ring button is also located at the bottom of the screen. 

The second update is in connection with group video calls. WhatsApp has released an iOS beta feature that allows people to join a current video call without being invited by other participants. You can now also join group calls that you may have missed with the latest WhatsApp beta version. Thus, when anyone invites a group call, and cannot participate at that period, the next time you check WhatsApp, they will be ready to connect if the call doesn’t wrap up. When one opens the messaging app’s call sections, they’ll notice a “Tap to Join” badge beneath a live video call. The “Joinable Calls” function appears to be part of the new features for users on the Facebook-owned message platform. It is an element that many users would love since there are instances when you can’t receive a phone call and can’t enter when you are online. 


And now the bomb one- WhatsApp has officially enabled multi-device compatibility, which has been speculated for a lot longer and is one of the most exciting features.

People will use WhatsApp on their phone while simultaneously using four other non-phone devices, such as tablets or PCs, thanks to the update. WhatsApp claims that it “had to rethink” its architecture and create new technologies to complete multi-device compatibility. While facilitating the new adventure, the Facebook-owned corporation claims to maintain its privacy and end-to-end encryption.

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Although WhatsApp has long allowed users to use the platform from a capacitive screen such as a desktop or laptop, the current upgrade aims to deliver a freestanding multi-device interface in which users don’t require their phones to be connected to the Internet and can even turn them off. It is fruitful in a variety of situations. So, even if your phone’s battery dies, you’ll still be enabled to use WhatsApp on your laptop, thanks to the new multi-device feature. It will also come into play if your phone’s Internet connection is shaky, but your PC is tied to a stable network.

When will I get these updates?

The new functionality is available exclusively to iOS beta users, but it will eventually be available to Android beta users. 

In addition to the above updates, WhatsApp is also working on a new feature- ‘view once disappearing feature’. As soon as it gets confirmed, we will notify you.


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