Married to Medicine Season 9: Release Date Status, Cast, Plot, Trailer and Latest Updates

Married to Medicine is an American reality television series that began to air on March 24, 2013 on Bravo and was written and created by Mariah Huq. Married to Medicine is also known as Married to Medicine: Atlanta in some countries. Married to Medicine revolves around the lives of seven women in the Atlanta medical community with four doctors. 

Married to Medicine did not do well as per the expectations of the audience and received hell lots of criticisms because of the lack of content and the behavior of its cast members. Married to Medicine did not receive expected stars on IMDb and Rotten Potatoes as well. All these led to a dilemma whether season 9 will be renewed or not. Do not need to worry because you have landed at the right place. Here, we have everything for all the fans out there which you want to know about the season of Married to Medicine. In this section we will share about the release date, cast, plot and the trailer as well.

Whether Married to Medicine Season 9 will premiere or has been cancelled?

As per the official news nothing has been made clear from the sides of makers regarding its release date. Release date of season 9 entirely depends upon what the situation looks like. Although, a cut and clear announcement has not been made yet confirming its renewal and its cancellation. 

However, makers have revealed that viewership has declined since its release in 2013 and over the years fans have not shown any keenness for the season as well and nobody knows where the scale of makers fits in. As the number of series arrived significantly, numbers of fans are also reduced so it has been a reason behind its delay along with this Covid19 pandemic could be another reason. 

Taking all these into consideration we can only make an educated guess pertaining to its revival and might release in coming years like in late 2021 and early 2022 because season 8 was premiered within 8 months. But still these are just predictions until the official announcements are made by the officials. 

Married to Medicine Season 9: Who will be the part of in the coming season?

Here, we have list of fey key members of the show who might be retained for the season 9:

  • Shimone Whitmore as Self
  • Jacqueline Walters as Self
  • Toya Bush Harris as Self
  • Quad Webb as Self
  • Mariah Huq as Self
  • Heavenly Kimes as Self
  • Contessa Metcalfe as Self
  • Lisa Nicole Cloud as Self
  • Kari Wells as Self
  • Anila Sajja as Self
  • Genise Sheltona as Self
  • Krista Gibson as Self

However, there are speculations being made regarding the arrival of a few more new faces to the show. Let’s see who will be the brainchild behind the calling of new notable members to the show in order to shake the show up a bit.

What can be the storyline if it happens?

Till now, the details or hints are not given,things need to be clear but has not been revealed any of the important updates of the upcoming season. Here, we will not make you sad because we have extracted a few hints for the plot of the show from the previous season. At the end of the last season we found that tension between best friends Jackie and Sinone reached new heights. 


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This tension might lead to emotional drama among them in the next season. In the final of the previous season ladies get more close and personal to each other. So, it is clear that if the next season comes up then most probably there will be hell lot of drama and emotion among the ladies. Fight and tension will be at the peak in the next season. 

However, the actual plot of the show may vary but next season will be loaded with emotions. Let’s see what happens next and we will drop an update if we get any further updates from the side of creators. 

Is there any trailer for the forthcoming season?

No, there is not any official teaser and trailer for the show. However, there are few fan made trailers which you can have a glimpse of on various platforms like YouTube. The day we get any official trailer for the coming season then rest assured we will update for the same.

Final words

Due to lack of official information we have not shared much updates on the upcoming story. However, above speculations might fit for the show and makers might come with another Married to Medicine Season but still it is another waiting game for all of us. However, by all means we will be again in touch with latest updates for the show till then stay in touch with us and do not forget to share your thoughts on what you think about the upcoming story, who are you expecting in the key roles and much more.

We will be back with more such scoops on your favorite shows.


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