Complete Child Tax Credit Payment Schedule For 2021

Starting from July 15, IRS started sending letters to the 36 million families eligible to receive Child Tax Credit Payment.

The eligibility of these families was solely decided based on their 2019-2020 federal income tax return filling.

Not just them, these letters would also be going to those who didn’t file income tax returns & instead used the IRS website to register for a stimulus payment.

Who’ll Receive Second Personalized Letter?

According to IRS, families that are eligible for Child Tax Credit payment, will also receive a second personalized letter revealing the estimations of upcoming monthly payments.

It’s highly likely that you would receive the payment right into your account. So, this means you don’ have to do anything from your side as this will be done automatically.

Despite the eligibility, if you’ve not received any letter from the IRS, you can visit this online portal to register the new information or update the existing one.

Child Tax Credit Payment Schedule 2021

If you’ve corrected the details, here’s a complete schedule of Child Tax Credit payment coming right into your account:

  • August 13
  • September 15
  • October 15
  • November 15
  • December 15

On these days, you would receive payment via direct deposit or check of up to $300 for a child aged under 6 & $250 for a child between the age of 6-17.

That’s all for now.

Before I sign off, answer me – Is your family eligible to receive the Child Tax Credit Payment?

If yes, then have you received any CTC payments? Do share about the same in the comments section given below.

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