Dear Villagers Announces Release Date Status for Recompile.

Dear Villagers announces Recompile’s release date for both the PC and console platforms. The hack’n’shoot ’em up Recompile will be released by Phigames on August 19th, 2021 for PC (via Steam), PlayStation 5, and Xbox One (including Game Pass). I highly recommend you to check out the game, as the developers worked hard to create a fast-paced and challenging title with stunning graphics, intense combat, and slick 3D platforming. Additionally, you can choose multiple endings based on your choices, hack servers, repair systems, restore lost data, and hack or destroy enemies. So, what are you waiting for? Get a sneak preview of next week’s release with the new trailer.

About the game “Recompile”

Explore the origins of sapient AI in this sprawling atmospheric adventure. Recompile challenges players to explore, fight, hack, and survive using a dynamic branching narrative system that combines Metroidvania mechanics with branching narratives. Find the hidden secrets beneath the ancient digital landscape, and prepare for sweeping, system-wide changes. Throughout the entire game, the narrative follows one second of real-time action.

You will be able to use a range of traversal abilities to aid you on your quest for true intelligence as you explore the ancient, sprawling ruins of the Mainframe. There are many endings based on the player’s choices; you can find out what the Hypervisor wants to do by repairing systems, regaining lost data, destroying enemies, etc. Mainframe inhabitants have bizarre appearances and are often found to be hostile. You have access to a powerful selection of weapons and abilities that can help you survive, defend and destroy. In fact, there are many features in the environment that are powered by logic gates, such as locked doors, forcefields, elevators and even enemy spawning systems.

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It is impossible to hardcode anything, everything is open and easily exploitable. A logic gate can be inverted (and reverted) freely, allowing it to be bypassed peacefully and safely in the face of puzzles or other threatening obstacles. Players can even change the innate programming of the environment’s inhabitants in order to control them. A narrative designed by Faye Simms explores themes like sentience and freedom of choice are explored.  Player is an artificial intelligence trapped in the Mainframe -a vast digital wasteland run by the Hypervisor, an AI hell-bent on erasing trespassers. The difference between life and death. There is determinism and chaos. There is a difference between sense and intelligence. There are many ways in which intelligence manifests itself. There must be exploration of all options in this dying world. Hence, viewpoints from all perspectives must be respected. It is then that we have the best chance of surviving.

Dear Villagers
Dear Villagers

Introducing Dear Villagers:

Plug In Digital’s publishing label is Dear Villagers. A new gaming community is emerging in the gaming industry, where gaming studios can unleash their creativity and gamers can find unique titles on PC and consoles such as Edge of Eternity, ScourgeBringer, and Recompile.

A brief introduction to Phigames:

A self-described ‘micro studio,’ Phigames has three employees: a coding specialist named Phi Dinh, an animator named James Vincent Marshall, and a sound designer named Richard Evans. In addition to The Nuclear Autumn, they have released the procedurally generated physics-based fantasy roguelike Tinykeep. In the present, Recompile is in development as a 3D Metroidvania-inspired hacking adventure that will arrive on PC (via Steam), PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X (including Game Pass) on 19th August.


Recompile offers players the opportunity to upgrade their avatar as they navigate the digital world. Players have a wide variety of options, from finding powerful weapons to gaining superpowers. It is also important to note that an avatar’s actions will also shape the outcome, both for themselves and for the world of the Mainframe. That means you should probably avoid breaking anything that appears to be vital.


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