Jill Biden in Tokyo to Represent US at Olympics Opening Ceremony

Jill Biden in Tokyo to represent the US at the Olympics opening ceremony. During the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympics in Tokyo on Friday, the first lady clapped and waved to a contingent of American athletes dressed in masks. Vice President Biden appeared at the Olympic stadium as the U.S. delegation’s leader.

Jill Biden comes as a cheerleader for U.S. Teams

In Tokyo, the First Lady, Jill Biden led the American delegation at the start of the Summer Olympics Friday night alongside approximately 600 Team USA Olympians, coaches, staff members, and members of the press. At the opening ceremony, Biden wore a polka dot dress and pearls sporting a masked appearance.

  During her visit to Japan, she led a small delegation of advisors and her appearance coincided with rising concerns regarding Coronavirus cases in Tokyo. It was said that Biden administration officials wanted to travel to the Olympics so the first lady could represent the United States in the Games and offer support to the nation’s athletes, most of whom will participate without family cheering them on.

A presidential letter published on NBC News’s website on Friday praised the US team for bringing the country together in a way few other things can. The vice president participated in a whirlwind of diplomatic activities before attending the opening ceremony, including a reception with Japan’s Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga and his wife, Mariko, at the Imperial Palace.


During her trip from Japan to Hawaii, the first lady will participate in an immunization event in Hawaii. Despite Joe Biden’s presidency, the first lady has frequently traveled since her husband took office in January, and there have been other administrations that sent high-ranking members as ambassadors to the Olympics.    This is Dr. Biden’s first solo trip abroad.

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During the dedication of a room in the Chief of Mission Residence on Saturday, the first lady will honor Irene Hirano Inouye and Daniel K. Inouye. The following week, she will host a watch party for the U.S. vs. Mexico softball game at the U.S. Foreign service officers and their families are welcome at the Embassy in Tokyo. In addition to meeting virtually with the U.S. Olympians, including basketball player Sue Bird and baseball player Eddy Alvarez who carried the flag for Team USA at the opening ceremonies, the first lady met with some of the U.S. Olympians in person.

Strict Protocols Maintained by Japan

This year’s inauguration does not include the usual mass choreography, huge props and swarm of dancers, actors and lights associated with past celebrations. A group of 15 global leaders will attend, as well as the Japanese Emperor Naruhito, who will open the Games in imitation of his grandfather Hirohito. The United States First Lady Jill Biden will also attend.

Participants and media in Japan were subjected to strict preventative measures, and spectators were largely barred from the competition. Despite the safety protocols, however, some athletes and others in Tokyo for the Olympics have tested positive in the lead-up to the opening ceremony, underscoring public health concerns. As part of their monitoring of the situation, the White House expressed their commitment to participate.  In Biden’s words, “our team will adhere to strict safety and health protocols, limit public engagement, and try to minimize our impact.” She also cheered for the U.S. Team and said “Thank you for helping me get here today. Thanks to your hard work, your drive, and your faith, you have become what you are today. Congratulations.”


Covid 19 protocols are strictly enforced in Japan. Numerous contestants have been tested positive despite the protocols and thus aren’t allowed to compete. First Lady of the United States, Jill Biden, comes to Japan as a cheerleader and upholds Japanese protocol.

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