Society Season 2 Canceled After Its Renewal?

Society season 2 has been canceled and we will not be getting the revival of the story on Netflix. The Society season 2 was renewed in July 2019 and the shoot for the same was halted during the covid. But later, Netflix made the announcement that the show has been canceled and Netflix will not be continuing with season 2. The reason specified for this unexpected and shocking cancellation is the pandemic effect which increased the cost of filming in post covid situation. Let’s check all the details on the same.

The Society is a teen American mystery drama that premiered on Netflix on May 10, 2019. This television series was developed by Christopher Keyser.  As we know, the series was renewed initially for the second season, but later the network took their orders back because of the pandemic. The society portrays a unique plot where a group of teenagers are out for the trip but  they find all the things messed up when they return, now the situation is completely changed. The world they used to know before the trip does not exist now. They have to manage and  tackle all the difficulties and every challenge on their way by themselves. The story touched a portion of human nature and culture where we have grown up.

Release Date: Will there be a story continuation ever?

It is difficult to comment on this at this point. However we may have the story continuation later on any other platform. Netflix canceled the renewal of The Society. The series first aired on May 10, 2019 and attracted a huge base of fans towards it. The show concluded in such a way, that the fans are pretty sure that there would be the renewal of the story which could bring a lot of answers to the unrevealed situations. The story was earlier renewed for season 2 but later the network announced it’s cancellation.

Netflix issued a statement in which it confirmed the rumors of cancelation last year. It also shared the disappointment of not moving forward with the story and thanked the whole cast for being supportive throughout and their continuous efforts for the show.

The show’s creator Keyser shared his views on the cancelation of the show – He told Variety that the team was ready to come back for the story continuation by following the COVID protocols in the shoot. But he received abruptive and upsetting news of cancelation from Netflix.

Keyser addressed with disappointment of not continuing with the show. He said that all these challenges were faced by the team earlier also. He shared that for now there is no choice  as the covid hampered life of all along with our team. If the show get’s another house we will be having the sequel of the story. 

Probable list of cast if the show returns!

For now, it would be difficult to expect the exact scenario, as the show is not moving forward on Netflix. If the show continues on some other platform, or we get a sequel then there are high chances that all the cast from season 1 will revive their roles along with following the trend of some additional faces to make the show more interesting and enthralling.

  • Kathryn Newton as Allie Pressman
  • Gideon Adlon as Becca Gelb
  • Sean Berdy as Sam Eliot
  • Alex Fitzalan as Harry Bingham
  • Kristine Froseth as Kelly Aldrich
  • Jose Julian as Gordie
  • Alexander MacNicoll as Luke
  • Toby Wallace as Campbell Eliot
  • Rachel Keller as Cassandra Pressman
  • Natasha Liu Bordizzo as Helena
  • Jacques Colimon as Will LeClair
  • Olivia DeJonge as Elle Tomkins

Was the plot line revealed for The Society Season 2?

No, there was just the confirmation of the show, before it’s cancellation. However it was obvious that the show ended with several cliffhangers, and all those secrets would be revealed in season 2. Now, it is complex to explore the possibility of season 2 storyline. There were a lot of things which were left uncovered in season 1 and unfortunately Netflix is not going to move forward with season 2 because of the increased cost of production post covid. As of now  there is no hope for renewal of the story, but if the story gets any green signal from any other platform, it will please both the audience as well as the team of the show.


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Plotline of Season 1- Society serves  the story of a group of teens who come back after a  trip, but they find unimaginable things going around their complete world has changed now. They do not have any restriction or parental control and now they are set free. But this enjoyment is not long lasting as the freedom is associated with several complications, which they could not tackle. 


There is no trailer for season 2, as the show got canceled in the very first stage. However you may enjoy season 1 and refresh the memories of this melodramatic story on Netflix.

Fans’ demand may result in the renewal of the story. If anything comes out, we will surely update you. Stay Connected


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