Resort to love Season 2: Any Possible chances?

After watching resort to love which was released just 2 days ago, fans are already craving resort to love season 2. And the case is hundred percent justified! I mean, who wouldn’t want a constant watch up of such a beautiful movie! We just loved it, didn’t we? 

Resort to love is as light as a feather but gives heavy pleasure to the viewers with its extremely cute love moments, cosy excursions and positively horrible drama. 

Resort to Love, which is currently streaming on Netflix, is full of beautiful grandeur and jaw-dropping scenarios. It does, however, serve a tired storyline, making it less original and cliched, but it has still managed to make viewers want more in Resort to love season 2. See what it has in store for us! 

The cast of the resort to love season 2

If resort to love season 2 happens we are going to see the existing characters. 

Christina Milian plays Erica, the key heroine in “Resort to Love,” and she is joined by Jay Pharoah as Erica’s ex-fiancé Jason and Sinqua Walls as Jason’s brother Caleb. Karen Obilom, Jeryl Prescott, Alexander Hodge, and T.J. Power are among the cast members of “Resort to Love.” 

Release date

Lords of the show haven’t come out yet with any crucial information regarding Resort to love season 2. Or, I guess, it is too premature to delve into that topic. I mean resort to love has just come out, it is yet to discover the ultimate ratings, Open-end discussion and whatsoever. These subjects make up the decision of a revival of the second season. We will have to wait further for almost 3-4 months to hear about the announcement of the resort to love season 2. 


Erica Wilson (Christina Milian), a New York-based singer, stylishly gowns for the debut of her first song. When this album is taken down, however, Erica’s dreams and song are both shattered. Erica’s situation has already deteriorated. She was supposed to marry Jason, the love of her life, last year, but the wedding was called off owing to trust difficulties. Her aspirations are now drab and dispiriting. Amber is Erica’s devoted friend who introduces her to a job opportunity. Erica gets hired as a resort vocalist at the Mer de Saphir Resort on the island of Mauritius by Amber. 


When she arrives at the resort, she learns that she may be required to sing at weddings as well. When Jason and his fiancee Beverly visit the resort for their wedding, a genuine instigating incident occurs. Erica is supposed to amuse the newcomers as well as perform at her ex’s wedding. Later, Beverly forms a bond with Erica, and Jason and Erica begin to meet in private.

Meanwhile, Erica encounters Caleb King, Jason’s muscular marine elder brother. Caleb feels love for Erica but is hesitant to tell her about them because of his younger brother’s ex-fiance. Erica also adores Caleb, but Jason and his secret encounters keep her mind and emotions occupied.

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The movie concluded with Jason and Beverly getting married on the beach and having a happy marriage. Erica is smitten by Caleb and is embracing their new connection. She decides to take another risk and extend her stay at the Mer de Saphir Resort. In Mauritius, Erica and Caleb’s fairy tale grows.

However the story sounds complete but if resort to love season 2 happened, We might see the extended love story of Erica and Jason or maybe they could get married too. Erica could also get a big break in her singing career which, probably, would create misunderstanding in her relationship like it previously did. Again, these are all assumptions. Finalisation will only occur after the official words from either Netflix or the producers of the movie. 

Stream Resort to love already if you haven’t yet, and enjoy love in a lovely space.


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